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2009-08-10, 09:06 PM
So I'm writing a book, yeah I know everyone says they can do it, but I'm finally pulling my thumb out of my butt and doing it.

But I'm a little writers blocked, basically I'm planning on implementing this as a novel with an associated campaign setting and such, to well first, bring my world to lots of people, and secondly make some cash long term, cause I'm a poor ass.

Anyways, setting!

My setting is somewhat an alternate time line earth where Christianity didn't take root as a prevalent religion and to all this entails during the subsequent 1900 years after the supposed birth of Christ. Instead I have a cross mix of both Chinese/Japanese spirit world mixed with Scandinavian/Grecian pantheon based deity worship. A trickster god, a god of death, three fate goddesses, a world serpent, a cow of heaven, those kinds of archetypes.

Time line wise it is approximately 1910-1920, the industrial revolution is in full swing, however aerial transport is nearly non existent with the exception of zeppelin etc. This means railways are the predominant form of transport, the rich have cars etc.

The big change is, magic is real, however there are distinct categories, there's new magic and old magic. New magic has been streamlined for use in society, not to the extent of Eberron, my world still requires electricity, steam power, gas power etc, but cantrips and such that have been quantified for day to day use and are easy enough for people to use and understand, well given to a level of understanding, and example would be, people know how to use a fridge, but few would be able to explain how one works in depth.
Old magic is the rituals, the summoning, the channeling of energies, communing with spirits, creating of fetish, golem etc. Old school alchemy may fit under this heading as well,

My main antagonists are from the faerie realm and the underworlds. Faerie will be a conglomeration of Scandinavian and English folk stories with a heavy mix of Russian and Grecian folklore as well.
Underworlds are shadowy half realms and the lands of the dead, demons etc, there are many, kind of like astral domains I suppose.
Faerie seek to reestablish themselves again on the world, after fighting a losing fight against humanities machines and such.
The underworld demons are your average subverting, offer giving, soul taking type.
The spirit realm, where the gods dwell is a intermix of the real, faerie and underworld, gods exist on all planes simultaneously in different forms to different cultures.

What I need from you guys and gals, just picking your brains, is some plot ideas, I have the basic premise down, and I have my main protagonists and probably the first third of the book ready to be written and grammar checked and reworked over and over to my fingers bleed, but I need more.

For overall tone think a dark fantasy, nearing to horror, but still good enough for kids to read.
Think, Harry Potter without the faux Latin and retarded story lines and wand based magic, mixed with Hellboy mythos, Full metal Alchemist tenacity and humanity and a whole smattering of earth based folklore, Discworld tongue in cheek.

IT'S NOT Eragon or Twilight (sparkle vamps ffs) or the abortion that was the earth sea movie.

Just because my book is settled around the same age range as say Discworld or god forbid Harry Potter, this does not mean it has to be PG rated. My book starts with the death and funeral of one of the protagonists grandparents as well as dealing with some existentialism in the form of a golem with the mind of 12 year old boy, who every 12 years has his memory reset. I won't go into it, someone will pinch my ideas. COPYRIGHT DAMMIT!