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2009-08-15, 03:54 AM
Ever since PHBII was printed most paladin fixes I've seen include an upgraded version of Lay on Hands (LoH) similar or even just exactly the same as Touch of Vitality (ToV) from the Dragon Shaman.

While I don't see nothing wrong with this, the fact is, that LoH is a lvl2 ability while ToV is a lvl6 ability. Plus the dragon shaman could use a boost so I'm looking for ideas to upgrade it.

Also I would like to apply those ideas to wholeness of body too.


2009-08-15, 01:31 PM
Er... giving the question a second chance....

2009-08-15, 02:00 PM
The main issue with Lay on Hands is that the Paladin can't afford a high CHA score and still be a front-liner, so the amount it can heal is often inconsequential. Wholeness of Body is a different animal altogether because it's just plain awful. I don't remember what Touch of Vitality does.

A quick and dirty fix would be to allow the Paladin to replenish his Lay on Hands pool through some manner. 1 point/hour at, say, 5th level, 1 point/minute at 10th, and 1 point/round at 15th level. Alternately, you could increase the size of the pool, making it Paladin level * (CHA + WIS) or (CHA + CON).

Wholeness of Body is only a part of the Monk's overall horribleness, and fixing it won't help. Making it 4*monk level can salvage it, possibly.

2009-08-15, 02:07 PM
Touch of vitality works with a pool of poitns that can be use dfor healing and removing other effects.

The pool is equal to twice the character level*cha.

When they get the ability they can only use it to cure hp. As they grow in levels they get to remove debilitating effects.

Most fixes of the paladin have upgraded the lay on hands ability to work similar to this, so I'm not looking for ways to improve the lay on hands ability, but rather the ToV because LoH is aquired at lvl2 and ToV at level 6 so ToV SHOULD be more powerfull. Right?

2009-08-15, 02:12 PM
Not necessarily. Wholeness of Body is worse than Lay on Hands and the Monk gets it at 7th. And Touch of Vitality is better than LoH already. More than twice as good, in fact. Lvl 6 is a good spot for it.

2009-08-15, 02:13 PM
LoH is aquired at lvl2 and ToV at level 6 so ToV SHOULD be more powerful. Right?

The most powerful abilities should be those gained at the earliest levels, which then increase in power with further levels. For instance the rogue's sneak attack, the wizard's spellcasting, or the barbarian's rage. It may not always work like that, but it should: if a class feature is to be extremely powerful it should be integral to the class, and if a class feature is integral to the class it should (in at least some form) be present from early levels.

2009-08-15, 02:20 PM
Flickerdart I think you're missing my point.

I already upgraded LoH t work like the official ToV. Thus I want to upgrade ToV (and WoB too) because they are similar abilites but gained at higher levels and so SHOULD be more powerfull.

Clear now?