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2009-08-17, 02:22 AM
Okay now peoples. In my new campaign that im DMing the party of PC's ( x1 human rogue, x1 human Barbarian, x1 human cleric, x1 dwarf wizard) have just discovered a cave full of drunken orc raiders. the barbarian was captured alongside the local ranger (level 2) and is fighting his way out from the cave with his duom. the rest of the part is coming in from the front with a npc fighter whos gonna die in the ensuing brawl( i don't want him to live don't criticize me) before the cave fight the rogue alongside the local thieves robbed a tax collecter and his carriage killing everyone except the aristocrat. the orcs are a precursor for a soon orcish invasion in which the pcs will be level 2.5 by then. invasions will take a while to muster ( two weeks) so what should they do in the meantime? theres a tower full of corrupt guards to the north of the hamlet ripe for adventure just no specifics. any ideas? ( please don't get on the forum to criticize my the parties non optimization.)

Kol Korran
2009-08-17, 06:27 AM
are the PCs aware of the invasion? if so, leave various hooks and options for them to follow, in order to better their chances once the invasion starts. for example:
- a recon mission deep into the Orc horde, perhaps with wands of disguise or alter. they can get an esttimate on forces, tactics, and perhaps leader abilities.

- sabotage: could be done with the recon or not related to it. the party could pick one advantage the orcs have and try to destroy/ disperss it: siege engines, mounts, specific leaders, casters. how they are to do it should be tricky, but possible (i imagine poison should be used)

- breaking up the possy: similar to sabotage, but this time the party tries to bring into conflict the different orc groups/ tribes that comprise the horde (this could also work between orcs and and allied force, such as goblin wolf riders cavalry). mostly a job for the party face, but they could stage a murder and pin it on the other group and more. requires creative minds.

- harrasing/ buying time: the town the PCs defend needs time to build up defenses, therefor the PCs are sent to buy time and to harass the horde. hit and run tactics are the issue here, and good ranger skills to hide them from pursuit. this could take the form of engaging the orcs advance party, attacking their rear and supplies, blocking a mountain passage and more.

- looking for allies: the PCs are sent to broker a temprary alliance with some people near by: perhaps some reclusive elves, perhaps fey, perhaps centaurs, perhaps a race of evil humanoids (or will non the less be attacked by the horde). a bit for the party face, but then a challange for all the party, as the "allies" demand the PCs succeed at some test in order to prove their worth.

- looking for weapons: the PCs hear tales of a ruin/ place/ temple/ whatever that was dedicated to fighting the orcs, but it was taken by the wilderness/ monsters long ago. if they could reach it there might be some weapons there to help them with the fight (i suggest bane weapons, and perhaps a spell or two that work especially well against orcs. bane spells and weapons)

hope this helped.