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2009-08-17, 11:05 AM
Looking for a way to make shields valuable and worth using; if you are using a shield you've given up on both paired weapon fighting as well as 2H fighting, but the benefit is pretty minor.

Shield Deflection (General, Fighter)
Prerequisites: BAB +11, Improved Shield Bash
Benefit: On your turn, before rolling any attacks you make, you may choose not to take an attack you are entitled to take with your shield. At any time before your next turn you may opt to attempt to deflect an attack directed at you. The decision to attempt to deflect the blow must be taken after the attack is declared, but before the attack is rolled. To deflect the attack, makes an attack roll using the BAB of the attack you chose to forego during your previous action, adding your strength (or with a light shield and Weapon Finesse, your Dexterity) and the shield's AC bonus to the roll in place of your normal attack modifiers. Ignore any penalty normally associated with two weapon fighting when making a roll to deflect a blow (if attacks are made with either the shield or main weapon apply the penalty normally to those attacks).
Synergy: If you also possess the Shieldmate feat, you may attempt to deflect blows aimed at an ally who would benefit from the Shieldmate feat this round, at a -2 to your roll. If you also have the feat Improved Shieldmate, the attempt may be made with no penalty to the roll.
Normal: Without this feat, shields do not offer the ability to deflect blows, only a bonus to AC.

Thoughts? I deliberately phrased it so that you could use this on a standard action by choosing not to attack (run up, threaten the opponent, but decide not to attack and instead focus on defense).
One could also take a move action and ready a shield bash if someone were to close with you and attack you, and then decide to not take that attack and instead deflect the blow, I think - which allows for falling back and defending.

Dragon Elite
2009-08-17, 11:19 AM
I think it is good, but you should add a line that says the shield bonus is added.

2009-08-17, 11:31 AM
I thought I had - is there a difference between shield bonus and shield AC bonus? I figured that by making specific refernce to the shield AC bonus it would be clear that defensive enhancement bonuses and bonuses to the shield's AC (from feats like Shield Specialization) would be used, but perhaps I'm using the wrong terminology/vocabulary?

2009-08-17, 11:41 AM
Isn't there already a feat by that name?

Dragon Elite
2009-08-17, 11:44 AM
Maybe, but it seems exclusive to an non-enchanted version of that shield.

2009-08-17, 11:58 AM
It's a solid idea, but it's a bit confusing in it's implementation. Perhaps a simple opposed attack roll would be better. Something like this:

Shield Deflection (General, Fighter)
Prerequisites: BAB +11, Parrying Shield (Lords of Madness) or Shield Ward (Player's Handbook II)

Whenever you are hit by an attack roll (including a touch attack), you may attempt to block it as an Immediate Action. If you choose to use this ability, you must declare that you are using it after your enemy successfully rolls to hit you but before the DM announces damage or effects of the attack. Make an opposed attack roll, adding your shield's AC bonus (including it's enhancement bonus and bonuses from feats and class abilities if any) as a bonus to hit. If your modified attack roll is higher then the enemy’s attack roll, the attack is negated. You must by physically wielding a shield that you are proficient with in order to use this feat (using an animated shield does not qualify).

If you also possess the Shieldmate feat, have the Shield Ally class ability, or are currently under the effect of a Shield Other spell, you may use Shield Deflection to protect the subject of that effect as long as they are within your shield's reach.

Anywho, if you want to be a shield-centric build, I suggest the Knight (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5998764). They're actually quite amazing tanks if you know what you're doing.

Also, Shield Bash -> Shield Charge -> Shield Slam (Complete Warrior) gives you a free Trip attempt and your enemy must Save or be Dazed when you charge your enemy with a shield. It can be useful at ECL 10ish or lower, or at any ECL if your DM lets you use it with Pounce. The only real downside is that with the same feats you're most of the way to getting Power Attack -> Improved Bull Rush -> Shock Trooper -> Leap Attack (or Spirited Charge), and can kill your enemy with the same attack, which is superior to a Trip + Daze.

2009-08-17, 07:13 PM
Deflect touch attacks? *Imagines a Finger of Death hitting the caster" Cool.