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2009-08-17, 10:08 PM
Ok Iím gearing up for a future starwars saga game, you know, writing encounters, creating bad guys etc and Iíve hit an interesting snag.

The core book doesnít really give much information on how much money (credits in the starwars universe) to hand out the players after a given encounter. While I know that saga isnít designed around gear the way dnd is, I have good reasons for allowing them to earn cash.

See their current goal will be to purchase a ship, but their broke. Iím starting them on Nar Shadda so there is ample opportunity to make money. While I could just give them a ship, that takes the fun out of it (and partially defeats the purpose of putting them where I have).

So Iíve come up with an interesting way of determining how much cash they earn and I wish to share it. what I am doing is taking the amount of experience each character receives and dividing it by 2, and then giving that much to them as money. So a character that earns 500 xp would also receive 250 credits from the bad guys (assuming they stop to loot the bodies, but who doesnít?).

Does anyone else know of any other ways of doing this? Have any suggestions?

2009-08-17, 10:32 PM
Well you generaly dont kill peaple and rob them for mony in star wars like you do in D&D. But it can happen do to the corse of a story.

If the PCs are on Nar Shadda then they are not above joining a gange and working them up the food chain of that gange. Or becoming muscle for higher. OR in other words, mercinaries and bounty hunters.

They earn their pay by taking jobs that have an offered payment, subject to negotiation. If they happen to take the stuff from any opposition then they can find some one to sell it to. This fence may have more work for them the more the PCs get to know him/her.

A gange pays as they go. After all other than having a group of peaple who might protect you from other gangs, getting payed for the work you do is an insentive to stay. These types of jobs will be gun running, theft, strong arming, salveging and payment is what ever cut the boss promised you.

After a few gaming days of this stuff they might get enough of a rep for another contact. The traditional star wars creditor for PCs, the lone shark.

Information is also valuable in star wars. If the players can keep their eyes and ears open they will learn alot about what goes on in Nar Shadda. Some one is always willing to pay for info on that moon.

2009-08-17, 10:38 PM
Well, the easiest way is to determine when you want the PCs to get a ship, look up its price, then adjust how much they get accordingly.

This is assuming the PCs don't throw a wrench into your plans by outright stealing a ship, ransoming someone, etc.

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2009-08-17, 10:41 PM
I agree with altima.

2009-08-17, 10:42 PM
The first chapter of Starships of the Galaxy talks about ways PCs can get starships. It's quite possible to get a bank loan; the down payment is 20% of the total cost (but you can halve it to 10% with a DC 25 Persuasion check), and interest is 2% of the starship's cost each month for the next five years.

Potentially, the PCs could pick up a used YT-1300 for a down payment of only 2,500 credits. Of course, there'll be maintenance and licensing fees on top of that.

But to answer your question, p. 248 of the core rulebook suggests that "a challenging but fair encounter should net the heroes resources equal to their average level x 2000 credits, to be divided equally among them." This does seem kind of high to me, but you could help that a bit by piling up all the treasure into a big lump sum at the end of the adventure.

2009-08-17, 11:49 PM
I am taking into consideration their rep, to start; they will be working small time bounties and some other types of jobs before they start getting more lucrative contracts. I donít just want to give them a ship, providing an early loan, or a benefactor is exactly that, regardless of what sorts of strings are attached.

Last game we played (Revised edition) I gave them a ship at the get go, (stolen from piratesÖ the irony) and they turned around and sold it. Therefore stranding themselves on a backwater world. So Iím going to provide them with a list of ships at the local used starship lot, and let them pick their own ship. I suspect they may want fighters.

2009-08-18, 12:38 AM
Since your starting In Nar Shadda, I should mention this.

Scum and Villainy has a quite large section on underworld jobs, and how much the players would get for doing them. For example...

(The following has been paraphrased a bit)
(Stuff about what Burglary is that you don't need to read.)
Heroes' Pay: Adventure CL * 450 Credits.
Target (Easy): Easily portable items, computers, datapads, etc.
Target (Moderate): Cumbersome items, such as furniture, statues, etc.
Complication (Medium): Witnesses (Non-heroic 1): heroes must make medium stealth checks to avoid notice.
Complication (Moderate): Secured Accommodations require a medium gather info check to locate and a moderate mechanics check to breach.
Two more complications I don't feel like copying out.

It's a pretty good way of going about things.