View Full Version : Dragon Tail soulmeld abuse?

2009-08-18, 09:47 AM
While building an incarnate as a backup for my character in a highly lethal campaign I came across the Dragon Tail soul Dragon Magic. A lot of builds seem to use this as an additional natural weapon for full-attacks, however it is stated in the description that it is supposed to be used as a seperate standard action attack, and not as a part of a full-attack.

Would anyone care to clarify this?

Keld Denar
2009-08-18, 10:32 AM
You make attacks with your Dragon Tail as a standard action. Since there is no clause that says you can make it as part of a full attack action (see Dragon Claws above it), the it wasn't intended to be added to a full attack. Since you normally can't take a standard action in the same round as you take a full attack action (unless you are a Factotum, Choker, or have a Belt of Battle), you have to choose between a move action + attack with Dragon Tail, or full attack with your non-Dragon Tail weapons.

Basically, the same reason that you can make a martial strike in the same round as you full attack. Whatever people told you is wrong.

2009-08-18, 10:35 AM
Yep, those people are pulling one over on their DMs. This is why I either take the time to look at powers/spells I've never seen before that my players want to use, or just disallow them.

2009-08-18, 02:00 PM
Agreed. The controlling factor over whether or not you can use a natural attack as a secondary attack in addition to your normal attack routine is the wording of its source, and not any consistent or logical rule. A Lizardfolk has 2 claws and a bite. A Werebear has 2 claws and a bite. But a Lizardfolk using a sword only gets a secondary bite attack when it uses a weapon, whereas the Werebear gets the bite, a claw, and the weapon. I know that it makes no sense. That's just the way its written.