View Full Version : Inventory sheets

2009-08-19, 01:07 AM
I'm just curious what custom character sheets people have for D&D 3.5. More in particular the inventory page.

I'm playing a character that is currently 12 and started at 3. So many random items. I can't fit my inventory on 2 character sheets.

2009-08-19, 03:46 AM
I usually make my own character sheets on binder paper. It follows a format similar to the 3.5e character sheet in the PHB, except that I have more room for items and if I am a spellcaster, several full pages for spells, scrolls and miscellany. I do it all in pencil so I can edit as needed.

It is also useful to have a separate page for a statblock for familiar, animal companion, mount, etc. Also, if I am a fighter with more attack varieties than can fit on a sheet normally, I can just add more room on one of my pages.