View Full Version : [SW:SAGA] What ships are available in KoToR setting?

2009-08-20, 09:55 AM
Yeah, so if I'm in KoToR what ships can I potentially get? Is the Gthroc 720 or YT 1300 available or am I stuck with the few ships statted out in the KoToR campaign setting guide?

Also, is there a better system for SW space battles than that presented in the core rulebook?

2009-08-20, 10:06 AM
A few ships from Starships of the Galaxy are from KotOR era as well - notably the Dynamic-class (Ebon Hawk) and I think they have the Sith fighters from that era.

Really, though, technology looks absolutely the goddamned same 4,000 years ago as it does now, even though it looks very different when you vary about +/- 50 years from the Battle of Yavin. So you can stick almost anything in there from Episode 4 or earlier and call it something else and bob's your uncle.

Alternatively, just give everything the ancient template, which has absolutely no mechanical effect since... everything's ancient, so its many downsides are negated.