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2009-08-20, 11:06 AM
possibly too many religous/politcal beliefs please lock/delete!

2009-08-20, 11:08 AM
What's your opionion?

That this thread will inevitably be locked.

Things like this always turn into political/religious debates, and those are an inappropriate topic here. There's a reason Jack Chick was a banned topic on the WotC boards at some point - it always just ends in big arguments.

Most people that are on a D&D-based forum have seen all this before, and aren't going to be persuaded, and it stops being funny when you realize a lot of this is serious.

2009-08-20, 11:10 AM
I'm pretty sure this crosses a real-world religion line, or rather, tends to attract such discussion such that the mods prefer to ban the topic in general.

I will say only that a lot of people believe a lot of really, clearly false things (in terms of kooky conspiracies, I mean, leaving aside the truth or falsity of anyone's religious beliefs), and D&D is by no means alone in being so targeted.

it stops being funny when you realize a lot of this is serious.

It's still funny, it just becomes extremely bleak gallows humour.

2009-08-20, 11:12 AM
... hmmm didn't realize the political/religous aspect... oops:smallredface:

Tiki Snakes
2009-08-20, 11:13 AM
Old news is Old.
The whole Chick thing is old enough that it could have been a concern for Gygax.