View Full Version : 3.5 Illumian cleric build

2009-08-21, 02:03 PM
I was reading through Races of Destiny and saw that one of the Illumian power words gives you, 2/day, an ability equivalent to divine metamagic. That seems to free up a lot of feat slots for a Clericzilla using DMM.

I realize as it's only 2/day, you could have 4 Persisted spells running continually: normal Extend, DMM Persist, so you cast 2 lasting 48 hours each day. You still need Extend Spell and Persist Spell, but you save your feat slots that normally are used on DMM: Extend and DMM: Persist.

Has anyone heard of a build trying to use this instead of the feats DMM: Extend and DMM: Persist. Or is the limitation too limiting to be on par with most optimized Cleric builds?

Edit: I remember an interesting class in Races of Destiny that was Illumian only. Loredelver, IIRC. Any evaluation on its 'tier' status?

2009-08-21, 03:12 PM
You never need to take DMM: Extend, just get metamagic rods if you're even going to use it. Illumian only saves on one feat, so you may as well go Human and not be limited to 2/day.

Using both Persist and Extend on the same spell is extremely iffy. Persist says the duration is extended to 24 hours, Extend says it lasts twice as long as normal. RAW Extend would only increase a spell's duration to 48 hours if its normal duration is already 24 hours.