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2009-08-23, 12:18 PM
So I'm actually a fan of DMPC's because it means if I ever send anything too powerful at the characters I can have some form of control for them to not die. Since I actually do this on occassion on accident there is usually at least one in the party but I don't really feel like doing it this campaign, at least not to have the character with the party all the time. That way they don't feel safe or something and to only have it to come when absolutely needed.

So how could I do this? Well I was playing runequest the other day and so a Windlord was on my mind. My character's setting is that they are a good party from another country going to convert an evil land consumed by devils who rule over everything. I was thinking that perhaps not everyone besides the party has to be good. A small group of Paladins whose guide is the wind. They blow across the land following the wind where ever it may lead because that is where their god wishes to take them. So just have them encounter one on the road sometime, have him tell them what he is and then have a gust of wind blowing North and have him run off.

Since Paladins make okay tanks, can heal, do some lower level cleric spells and whatnot I thought they would make good just-in-case backup. It will also be fun to say in the middle of the battle, "The wind starts to blow.":smallamused:

Just thought I would get some feedback on this, see if it was a good idea.

2009-08-23, 12:28 PM
The whole wind thing might work well with Raptorans, but they don't make very good Paladins. I do like the idea of a wandering cadre of Paladins. You could even make it that those are the only Paladins there are, anywhere, because most kings don't appreciate stick-up-the-butt holy knights settling in on their lands and telling them that the completely reasonable 110% taxation rate is too high.