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2009-08-23, 12:27 PM
Well, not actually Duelist, just that style of fighting. So, I'm in a campaign, starting on level 15, gestalt. After reading an article that showed how to model various fighting styles with the ToB, I'm going straight warblade on one side, focusing on Iron Hand/Diamond Mind.
So, what to take on the other side? 3 levels of swashbuckler are always nice, and I'll probably take levels in invisible blade as well, for better feinting. That leaves a gap in between, though, which needs to be filled. So, what do I put there? I'm kinda out of ideas. Race will probably be human, though if there's anything amazing for another race (grey or other elf might be quite good), I can change that, the backstory is pretty flexible at the moment.

2009-08-23, 12:32 PM
How about a Swiftblade (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/prc/20070327)? Take sorcerer or focused specialist wizard as the base, preferably.

EDIT: Although if you're set with Swashbuckler and Invisible blade, this isn't a good suggestion. I should stop reading OPs so fast.

2009-08-23, 12:33 PM
Not entirely set, actually. It's just that Warblades can profit from high intelligence, so Swashbuckler for the other side isn't bad. I mean, if there's something much better, I can always switch.

2009-08-23, 12:36 PM
Might I suggest a Fire Elf as an alternate race? It gets +2 Int, -2 Cha, Fire Resistance 5, and the standard +1 hit / -2 save against opposing element for elemental subraces.

As for classes, have you considered a 2 level dip in Rogue for Evasion and Daring Outlaw?

2009-08-23, 12:38 PM
Hmm. Good idea with the Daring Outlaw, though I doubt I'll take more than 3 levels of swashbuckler, even with that synergy, since Warblade already gives me Full BAB. Still, 3d6 sneak are always nice.

2009-08-23, 12:46 PM
Have you looked at Factotum for the Int-based goodness?

(you get Int to all Str-Dex based skills, a few spells, some healing, Int to AC for 1 IP, Int to to-hit for 1 IP, 1d6 SA for 1 IP, Int to saves for 1 IP - basically you'll play an intelligent fighter who can solve almost any problem with Intelligence. Oh, you also get extra standard actions. Yep, those standard actions you can use Strikes and Boosts with.)

2009-08-23, 12:47 PM
Let's see...

The Warblade can get Concentration to saves (Diamond Mind Counters), so you don't need to worry about your saves too much. You've also got a d12 hit die, and Full Bab.

However, as you're playing 15th, you want one side to be a full-caster equivalent (it's a flexibility thing)... but as you've got medium armor proficiency, you want to make sure what you put on the other side can cast in medium armor. As the Warblade is largely Int-based, you want something Int-based as well. That'd be an Archivist (Heroes of Horror - Int-based Divine caster, acts much like a Wizard - but no Arcane Spell Failure, as they're not Arcane Spells), a Psion (Expanded Psionics Handbook, or a variant Psion from Complete Psionic - no Arcane Spell Failure, as the "spells" don't use Somatic components at all), a Wizard/Runesmith (Races of Stone, I think it was - requires you to be a dwarf - replace Somatic components with material components), or a Beguiler (PHB II; can cast in light armor with no ASF, but it's just one feat to make that medium).

Also, make sure to pick up some Mithral Fullplate - it counts as Medium armor, you see.

2009-08-23, 12:52 PM
Oh, I know about Mithral Fullplate, don't worry. But since the DM promised that not too much optimisation will be necessary (laugh all you want at that statement in a gestalt game), I'll probably go with light armor instead. Just fits the style better.
Coming from the same direction, I really don't want to go with a full caster: if I wanted to be enormously powerful, I'd just do a Wizard/something instead anyway.
So, what I'd like is suggestions for how to make my character a better Dex/Int-fighter, not necessarily how to make him more powerful...

2009-08-23, 12:54 PM
I'm going to suggest something possibly very strange, just to throw out an idea that would only work with Gestalt.

Warblade15//Swashbuckler3/Scout3/Rogue9, with Swift Ambusher. Gets you Int->Dmg, 5d6sneak, and 3d6/3 skirmish at 15th level. Next level, pick up Wolf Pack Tactics as your stance, allowing a 5-foot step after every successful attack; take a 5-foot step and hit once and you trigger skirmish and then dance around your opponent as you attack. The downside if you need 2 other Tiger Claw maneuvers; if you're going for an extremely agile fighter, the jump-based maneuvers fit right in.

2009-08-23, 12:58 PM
You seem to have missed the post (or didn't care, but I'll take my chance), so I'll resay it.

Factotum. Staple of anything Int-based.

Fax Celestis
2009-08-23, 01:10 PM
Warblade 15//Ranger 3/Scout 3/Ranger +9, using the Riposte variant (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20070228a) and the Swift Hunter feat. Make sure to take Goad and Combat Expertise.

Alternatively, Knight 5/Warblade 10//Ranger 3/Scout 3/Ranger +9, as the above, but this time you get the ability to pull aggro. Make your foes attack you and then force them to miss with your zomgwtf AC from Combat Expertise and Pearl of Black Doubt. Then, swing back next turn with extra damage. Feats: Combat Expertise, Deadly Defense, Swift Hunter.