View Full Version : Cleric of Gond

2009-08-23, 01:38 PM
I have been pondering the Artificer. There isn't really any PrC that benefits the Artificer as much as other casters.

The Cleric of Gond PrC from Faiths and Pantheons (Faerun) would seem to fit, though it might need modifying so that it is less Cleric based. Maybe becoming an Techsmith or something.

Instead of the Bonus Domain, you could get a Bonus Artificer Feat.

The Gondsman could somehow link with the Homonculus so that it is an "Improved Familiar" sort of thing, or it gains additional abilities depending on the sort of Homonculus you constructed. Or maybe even a completely new class ability.

As in the PrC table, each level increases the number of Infusions as if you had continued as an Artificer.