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2009-08-23, 02:02 PM
Hey all, I'm looking for some help building a cleric cohort for a character I'll be playing in an up-coming evil campaign. Any help would be much appreciated.

Sources: pretty much any WotC books/Dragon Mags. DM is unsure whether he'll allow BoVD so I'd prefer to avoid it for now.

What I've come up with so far:
Role: Primarily buffing, 'healing', and spell-combo-support. All of the PCs have Tomb-Tainted Soul as a bonus feat, so healing will be done with negative energy.
Race: Leaning towards human, primarily for the bonus feat.
Base Class: Cloistered Cleric (rebuke/inflict).
Domains: Fear1, Knowledge, Trickery.
Alignment: Neutral Evil (leader can only take Neutral Evil cohorts).
Stats: Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 14.
Level: Cohort will probably be 4th level when introduced to the campaign.

Levels 1-5: Cloistered cleric.
Levels 6-10: Dread Witch (non-negotiable & required for plot/thematic reasons).
Levels 11+: ?

1. Tomb-Tainted Soul
1. (human bonus feat) Domain Spontaneity: Trickery
3. Reach Spell
6. Divine Metamagic: Reach Spell
6. (Dread Witch bonus feat) Unnatural Will
9. Chain Spell
12. Divine Metamagic: Chain Spell
15. Residual Magic
18. ?

Fear Domain
Granted Power: Once per day, you can produce a greater terror effect. Using this ability adds the fear descriptor to any spell you cast. Creatures targeted by the spell modified by this effect must make a Will save (same DC as the original spell) or become shaken for 1d4 rounds; this is in addition to any other effects the spell might have. When this effect is applied to a spell that already has the fear descriptor, the effect becomes so potent that it becomes able to affect creatures normally immune to fear effects, such as paladins (although the subject still gets a saving throw to resist the spell's effect).
Add Intimidate to your list of class skills.

Fear Domain Spells
1. Bane
2. Scare
3. Fear
4. Phantasmal Killer
5. Nightmare
6. Symbol of Fear
7. Repulsion
8. Symbol of Insanity
9. Weird

2009-08-23, 02:14 PM
find a prestige class you like and take it for the last levels, anything that gives full casting would work. take a level of hierophant, and have the cleric get divine reach. replace reach and dmm reach with quicken and dmm quicken. if you can, add in persist and dmm persist.