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2009-08-24, 02:44 PM
Fighters, and other non-casters, may study the Spellblocker techniques to counter magic. The techniques are a kind of meditation in which the normal ability willpower has to stop magic is greatly increased beyond will saves.

Prerequisites: Bab +5, Str 12+, Wis 12+, Iron Will

Spellblocking is a sudden surge of willpower that can counter or dispel certain forms of magic. Once per day the warrior may recreate any effect of Dispel Magic including counterspelling, using their own character level as their caster level. This is non-magical exercise of willpower over the supernatural. Spellblocker may be taken multiple times, each time granting another daily use of the ability.

Specialized Spellblocker
Prerequisites: Bab +5, Str 12+, Wis 12+, Iron Will

As Spellblocker, however this feat grants two daily uses of the ability that can only be used against spells of a single school or descriptor. This feat can be taken multiple times, each time granting two additional uses of the ability. Additional uses can target the same school/descriptor as a before or a new type.

Greater Spellblocker
Prerequisites: Bab +14, Spellblocker or Specialized Spellblocker

As Spellblocker, but this ability replicates the effect of Greater Dispel Magic. This feat also upgrades all of the person's preexisting and future Spellblocker or Specialized Spellblocker feats to replicate Greater Dispel Magic.

2009-08-25, 06:05 PM
Why Str as a prereq? Con, if at all.

Also, (though I personally hate it) a lot of feats can be represented by magic item abilities (like distance - far shot). You might want to make spellblock armor a possibility.