View Full Version : [3/3.5]A little something for Wild Shape fans

2009-08-26, 09:16 PM
While digging around in my stack of books and files, I found The Quintessential Druid. It has a rather interesting wild shape variant. It lets you customize your W.S. to suit your wants and needs. Never want to be a plant? fine! change into an animal a few extra times, or pick a favorite shape and get bonuses in that form.

A few downsides: it's a D20, 3rd edition book, so a few things need hashing out (if you want Dragons later in your career at level 16, you'll need to take Beasts at level 8, witch is a type that exist any longer) and the second book in the series does nothing to errata this. It also clashes with MoMF, as most of what it gives you you can pick up with this variant. It can also up the Druids power even further, But the Wild Shape Ranger might be okay with it.

Anyways, I just thought I'd bring this to light for those that want to have a few more options for Wild Shaping.

Enjoy ^_^