View Full Version : [3.5] gaining cleric domain access for non cleric

2009-08-27, 02:46 AM
I want to pick up the darkness domain and I know there was at least one way to for a druid/wizard to gain one but I'm blanking on it, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

2009-08-27, 02:51 AM
For a Sorcerer/Wizard/other arcane type that uses spells (not invocations), there's Arcane Disciple from Complete Divine that puts all of a domain's spells on your class spell list. I think you still have to learn them separately, though.

It requires you to have a Deity, the same alignment as your Deity, and a certain number of ranks in Spellcraft, IIRC.

EDIT: There's also the Rainbow Servant from Complete Divine. It requires arcane spellcasting, has 6/10 spellcasting, but gives you three domains - and the ability to learn ANY cleric spell you want.

2009-08-27, 03:18 AM
Rainbow servant doesnt help me. I want access to Armor of Darkness, that doesn't appear on the cleric spell list, the only place it is located is on the darkness domain. Arcane discipline could work, I'm sure there is some sort of cn diety of shadows or darkness around.

2009-08-27, 03:20 AM
Lolth (FR) gets the Darkness domain. That's the only one I can think of off the top of my head.

2009-08-27, 03:21 AM
There's a very small section in Unearthed Arcana about giving druids access to a domain. Can't remember the page number, but one of them give Cha+1/day turn undead iirc. I don't think it's in SRD I'm afraid.

Edit: page 68. It's mentioned as a 'house rule' that is used by an individual however.

2009-08-27, 03:26 AM
Thanks, I'll take a look at that, the one I was thinking about was the sorcerer acf out of complete champion. You need to be level 5 and lose one spell known of each level which is replaced by the domain. Unfortunately not what I'm looking for.