View Full Version : This is a 3.5 Mindspy thread

2009-08-27, 06:44 PM
I was wondering how a Human would best enter this PrC. It looks like a lot of fun to play.

Quick rundown: the Mindspy is a 5-level PrC that gets full BAB and uses Detect Thoughts to get (melee) combat advantage. Apart from wading into melee, the class uses Charisma for some things.

I first got excited about a 5th level Factotum which can technically enter the class... but a Factotum can only get Detect Thoughts 1/day so that doesn't really work out. So... Battle Sorcerer using all 2nd level spells on Detect Thoughts? Any better ideas?

Any experience with the class?

2009-08-27, 06:55 PM
The class is pretty mediocre. Why? Very simple: Opponent needs to fail a Will-save for any of the abilities to function. This means that you need extreme focus on casting stat and probably still can't pull it off vs. most opponents simply because they have too good Will-saves or are just plainout immune.

Best entry? I'd say Cleric with Knowledge-domain (Cloistered Cleric is also an option), trading the spontaneous Cure/Inflict X Wounds-casting for spontaneous casting from Knowledge-domain [PHBII Cleric ACF]. This allows you to spontaneously cast Detect Thoughts and with Divine Metamagic, you can Persist the spell (though of course, you'd just be better off continuing your divine casting).

Though frankly, it may be better to enter a fast progression PrC like Ur-Priest, add Detect Thoughts to your spell list and get 9th level casting so you can Heighten Detect Thoughts to level 9 and hopefully make some people fail their saves...oh, and DMM: Persist it so it actually lasts.

No, it's not a very amazing class. Just make it gain the ability to automatically read peoples' Surface Thoughts without a save on level 5 or at least add some extra difficulty to the save and it may be playable.