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2009-08-28, 08:01 AM
Jungle Halfling Druid 3/Warlock 4/Arcane Heirophant 1.

Companion Familiar = Fleshraker

Greenbound summoning
Obtain Familiar
Improved Initiative


Witch-doctor style tribal leader who is on walkabout to spend time with "da spirits". Got his powers from fey hence the warlock side of things.

DM said I could qualify with the warlock class which is a class I enjoy. So I get something I have never played before (the druid) and something I enjoy.

DM also said that Eldritch Blast increases as normal with levelling so I always have that to fall back on if needed. Especially once I get Vitriolic Blast for those pecky "immune to magic" moments.

Jungle Halfling allows me to use poisons without poisoning myself so I convinced the DM to give me proficiency with blowguns (again a themetic thing) but this also means I can "milk" my Fleshraker (who is now intelligent so no need for tricks) and apply Fleshraker poison to the blowdarts or any other weapon I am using.

Plus my warlock invocations also affect my CF so this could be quite useful.

Once I get wild shape, even more options become available!

Future development:

Feat-wise I am not sure, lots of possibilities. Augment Summoning to further improve my greenbound plant-beasts, extend spell to triple the length of time my minions remain, Yollonda's Luck to add wisdom to my initiative (that would be +12 initiative!), and of course Natural Spell has to go in next level...

How does that all sound? Any further advice? Any ideas for a name (need something witch-doctor sounding)?

2009-08-28, 08:06 AM
Any ideas for a name (need something witch-doctor sounding)?

Ting-tang Walla-walla Bing-bang

He would have all the girls going "Ooo eee, ooo ah ah"

:smallbiggrin: Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Looks like a good start on the character with a good idea for the future.

2009-08-28, 01:42 PM
My druid's dog animal companion's name is Drai, which is actually celtic or gaelic (don't remember which) for "druid". Seems vaguely witch-doctor-ish.

Foryn Gilnith
2009-08-28, 01:46 PM
A Troll (WoW, not D&D) Shaman I played in a WoW d20 game was named Jang'ol. WoW Trolls all have vaguely witch doctor names, although I don't recall where I found his name.

2009-08-28, 01:58 PM
Take the letters U-B-M-I-T, add a few others (sh, v, f, k), and just start coming out with ideas. They tend to be perceived as rather African/vodoun-ish names.