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2009-09-01, 12:38 AM
I have a roleplaying concept in mind for my character: a "retired" pirate who left the seas in search of something specific to her character, currently a long lost love and a long lost treasure. However, I can't come up with an interesting build that fits her.

For reference, here are the non-core materials I have access to in the game:
Player's Handbook 2
Complete Warrior
Complete Adventurer
Complete Arcane

I might be able to convince the addition of some of Complete Scoundrel, but beyond that I think that's my limit.

I'm looking for a set of classes that works well with a wanderer. I sort of want to focus on some mixture of skills and combat options, and I care about Charisma. I know this looks exactly like Swashbuckler/Rogue or something, but I can't come up with a combination of feats that I really like for the character.

2009-09-01, 12:48 AM
I know it's not one on the list, but even if you can't include Stormwrack, it's more than worth a look. If nothing else, it can give some great inspiration.

2009-09-01, 06:13 AM
What Level should your wandering pirate be? How powerful and famous was he before walking on shore?

Swashbuckler 3 / Rogue 2 / Dread Pirate X / 5 X
(Start with Rogue to get more skill points)

Dread Pirate 10 Capstone is called "Pirate King" and gives additional followers, so unless he was REALLY successful that might be inapproriate.

Dread Pirate (a class which I am really fond of, despite not so powerful mechanic wise) gives you different abilities depending on whether you have a honorable reputation or not (boni on diplomacy or intimidate, sneak attack, etc.)

Swashbuckler and Rogue levels stack for purpose of Sneak Attack (and Grace of the Swashbuckler, if I recall correctly. I don't have my books right now) if you take the Dashing Scoundrel feat from Complete Warrior (I think).

Have a look at the dread pirate, which gives you two weapon fighting for free, which might be worth due to sneak attack progression (esp. if you are a dishonoroable dread pirate. Remember, your reputation has to be dishonorable, your deeds are not important, just what you are known for. So the pirate could be totally honorable and nice.. and just spread rumors about how evil, pillaging and plundering he is.)

Rogue and Dread Pirate have social skills as class skills, so your Charisma score could have a nice application there.

A dishonorable dread pirate gets the ability to demoralise via an intimidate check in battle (which gets boosted by high charisma) as standard demoralisation, but in addition it affects all enemies that are around him. There are way's via armor and feats to empower this ability that not only all are demoralised, but are even cowering. I think this needs feats from Drow of the Underdark (again, I do not have my books at my disposal right now), maybe you could talk your DM into allowing a single feat or piece of armor from there? If you're interested I could check my books once I'm at home... don't know when thats happening.

That's basically the built I once wanted to play in a campaign, which unfortunately didn't get high level enough. My pirate would have been a charismatic young fellow, skilled with sword and dagger and swinging on ropes and the like.

On second thought, the reputation as honorable or dishonorable might become troubesome fluffwise, if your pirate stops or stopped roaming the seas. Of course, he could draw on his past exploits and on his reputation.

2009-09-01, 10:36 AM
Well given that limited book list, I'd recommend a bard build. You have PHB2 for bardic knack, you have the option of Virtuoso OR Sublime Chord OR War Chanter, you have Dread Pirate, obviously. No Dragonfire Inspiration hurts, but nothing stopping you from using a 2 handed weapon if you want. Also if you choose to go straight bard, some of the better bard spells (blade brothers , greater blink, greater mirror image) are in PHB2.

I suggest something like Rogue3/Bard2/Dread Pirate/War Chanter. You have BAB 18, and if you go dishonorable, you have sneak attack (otherwise don't bother with rogue and go straight bard until you hit prestige class), You have acrobatic charge, and you're very very inspiring, which is the making of a great captain. If you want to focus more on spells but still be very inspiring, go Bard8/Virtuoso2/Sublime Chord2/Virtuoso+8. You have the Badge of Valor which I believe is in Complete Adventurer (it got updated in the MIC. If you can lay hands on that, pounce). Inspirational Boost is somewhere, look at that as well. First level spell grants +1 to inspire courage.

IF by some legendary ability you get a ship (you might not from the sound of things) and can get Legendary Captain from Stormwrack, do. It allows you to aid another on the entire crew of your ship, giving them a +2 that stacks with everything on pretty much anything. Great use of a standard action, in my book.

2009-09-01, 11:19 AM
+1 on getting Stormwrack for really pirating it up. An alternative PRC to Dread Pirate is Scarlet Corsair from Stormwrack, which works like a more focused version of a dishonorable Dread Pirate. Free action feints, more sneak attack, Group Demoralization for Charisma modifier rounds and an Ambush feat-style ability to sac sneak damage to inflict the shaken status with no save. It's also full BAB, d8 HD and 4+Int skill points, so definite mix of combat ability and skill.

Them's my 2 coppers. Take as you will.

2009-09-01, 02:57 PM
Yeah, I appear not to own Stormwrack but it sounds like I should definitely get it not only because it's been mentioned several times here, but my DM has informed me he may decide to send us on the sea at some point.

I'm not sure I was thinking that my character would start with more than 2 levels of Dread Pirate...as far as I know, the starting character level for me will probably be between 5 and 7, so the chances of having too many Dread Pirate levels seems low anyways. I'm imagining her to be known but not widely known across the world. So she might be known in her port of call, but not all over the country.

Bard looks interesting...I believe I will be allowed to use the MIC since I own it and my DM uses stuff from it a lot. I'm sure if I ask him if I can have the Badge of Valor he won't completely oppose me, it doesn't appear to be that expensive anyways and I think the bonus isn't game breaking. Plus, I'm imagining a Bard wielding something like a Glaive or something even though there's the feat problem with that.

(By the way, Dashing Scoundrel is in Comp. Scoundrel, which means I can't be completely sure I'll be able to convince my DM to let me use it. Also, if it helps, my DM has informed me I may be getting a magically enchanted Short Sword with apparently highly useful capabilities at some point.)