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2006-02-15, 02:53 PM
So, its come to this. A shameless exploitating of the message board to promote love and happiness. ;D

In truth, it is an attempt to elucidate those members who have joined us within the last year and have no idea who these two people are. It is also an attempt to give those that wish to look back and remember a simple place to start rather than trying to sift through the search engine results of a year and nigh 1000 posts to get a clear picture of what has come to pass.

Be forewarned eager reader, what follows is a tale of love. Not a fleeting love, nor simple lust, but a love so true that it spanned distances best described as "vast" and at least a total of two message boards.

Presented here are links to the threads and posts that catalogue this love across this sliver of the web. I would encourage you to begin your journey by lingering in the "Ask Cherry" thread, making your way among its many posts to sift from it those made by one Uthmah and learn of him and his first steps down a long and winding road.

Meet Uthmah (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1105165518 ;start=162#162)
Meet Ceres47 (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1105165518 ;start=530#530)
Uthmah gets a new job (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1119214076 ;start=0#0)
Ceres deals with an ex and wins! (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1121804709 ;start=0#0)
Ceres and Uthmah go on a very geeky date (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1117596044 ;start=47#47)
Uthmah lays out a cunning plan (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1128745125 )
And finally, the proposal (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1139704777 ;start=0#0)

Well wishes, words of wisdom, and congradulations can be posted here.

P.S.And what would a wedding be without photos? Well, it'd still be a wedding, just without any of its precious moments frozen in time and space. The board is banding together to create a photo of extraordinary magnitude (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1139934252 ) to give to the happy couple.

2006-02-15, 03:14 PM
I would say this is slightly bigger than reaching 500,000 posts. Why hasn't rich commented on this?

2006-02-15, 03:24 PM
He did . . . right . . . here (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1139704777 ;start=88#88).

2006-02-15, 03:30 PM
i can't help but feel proud that i have witnessed such a momentous occasion. congratulations!!!


2006-02-15, 04:31 PM
You know what I realized? Uthmah and I fell in love within 13 days... :o

I remember talking to this person ALL the time and thinking how wonderful it was to finally 'click' with someone and I could be me...me me me! and he thought I was an incredible person...ME?!?! When we first started talking, we exchanged pics and phone numbers...we told each other our deepest fears and highest hopes...we were DETERMINED to be the best of friends if nothing else, and to be there for each other if needed....

and it was wonderful to have someone that cared so much! I remember talking to him every morning and every night...chatting during the day...and the amazing thing is that we were both so scared and we were 'waiting for the shoe to drop' and things to end- only to realize that there is no 'shoe'...we are the best of friends, the deepest love is held for each other... we talk about everything! (best advice there people!) and if something is bothering me or him- we talk about it, no matter how scared we are, cause we have to be able to communicate or else it 'wounds, festers, and makes things worse'- which just cannot happen! He makes me feel like his champion cause I want to fight his battles for him, but then in the same sentence? He makes me feel like his princess because he always tries to make me feel precious and tries to keep me safe... and let me tell you! THAT is a wonderful feeling! There is a song out there by Savage Garden that basically spells it out for us.. "I knew I loved you before I met you" cause I did- and that is what is so different- we knew what each other looked like, but it didnt matter! I loved HIM, I fell in love with him as a person. I fell in love with his soul. I fell in love with a wonderful person that could share his dreams, his fears, his heartache, his hopes with me...and it took 13+ days...

......and I got lucky....


2006-02-15, 05:50 PM
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh how sweet.

2006-02-15, 11:27 PM
Wow, nice story. I hope it all works out for you guys. My wife and I worked pretty fast too. I brought her home with me the day we met, and she never left. We were married 5 months after that and then our first child was born 4 months later.

We are fond of saying that we're lucky we found each other, because no one else would put up with us. ;D

My younger brother is divorced and remarried with kids, so I know how tough that can be.

Good Luck. ;)

2006-02-16, 12:58 AM
Naturally, this is one of the most heart warming stories I've seen in a good long while. I'm one of those guys who is more at home at the gaming table or dojo than the dating scene, so the whole concept of love is a tad strange to me.

But seeing love spring up in a place like this is... well, its cool. I'm smiling at the mere thought of it. And, looking back at the story as it unfolded (thanks to that handy guide from WampaX), its pretty clear you guys have a good thing going.

Congratulations. And as unintentional as it might have been, thanks for the pick-me-up.

Mortia De Luna Draco
2006-02-16, 02:30 AM
This one of the most geeky and romantic things I have seen in a while.
(insert tear drop here)

Things like this make me want to put down my scythe of slashibbity, and find that special someone...

Oh, sorry. My wife just told me to get off the computer.

The Prince of Cats
2006-02-16, 07:14 AM
Strange, I was reading this comic (http://ctrlaltdel-online.com/comic.php?d=20060215) and thought of the happy couple.

DO you think it has really sunk in yet?

2006-02-16, 10:42 AM
BEST WISHES, UTHMAH AND CERES!!! We're rooting for ya!

And on the side issue: hey, some of us who actually have romance in our lives are more at home at the gaming table (or dojo, but not me :P) than the dating scene. My Valentine's Day card said my hubby would play a 25 point paladin for me ;D. (Dndorks.com I think.)

2006-02-16, 01:00 PM
Congrats and my prayers and best wishes to you both ;D I haven't been on in a long time and this was a good way to say hey to everyone and reconnect with everyone. You guys live in Ky? I do too! I'm in the southeast, what part are u guys in if u dont mind me asking? It sounds like u two are on the road to everlasting happiness.

"May the sun always shine on your face, may the wind be always at ur back and may the road rise to meet your step..." An old irish blessing, just thought it was relevant, Congrats again

Malachi, the Lich King
2006-02-16, 07:39 PM
I wasn't here for the first part of it but I found one of my first posts on the "geeky date" link so I think I came in halfway through the movie so to speak. I'll add my best wishes here since stories like this are just too rare and we all want them to get the full storybook ending.

2006-02-17, 03:20 PM
what's the date?

The Demented One
2006-02-17, 09:24 PM
Hmm...I wonder if a webcam could be set up at the wedding, maybe get some sort of streaming video of the thing going...

2006-02-18, 01:23 AM

He gave me a big ol solitaire tonight- so its official!!

Im so happy! He is soo good to me!

(we are discussing the webcam....we'll see....)

Mortia De Luna Draco
2006-02-18, 02:06 AM
You two are just too cute for words.
(this is the man behind the evil avatar speaking)
I told your story to my wife, and she absolutly loves it. She thinks that Rich should make a movie or something!
(She didnt belive me when I said that Rich dosnt make that much... I dont think.)
Well, best wishes you two, I look forward to the web cam thing!!!

2006-02-19, 02:51 AM
Hi, all. As promised, a update after Friday. ::) Yep, I popped the question, guys. I've had the ring since 1/20/06, burning a hole in my pocket. OMG, I so kept it on the down low too. She was so sideswiped by it. I was so worried that she had guessed it at one point that I told her I wasn't buying her any jewlery for Valentine's Day. Well, it wasn't for Valentine's Day, so HA! So now we got to plan for our wedding, merging our households, and finding a house to put it all into, all before the kids start the next school year if all goes well. (Keep the prayers going on that, I really want to make this happen.) I hope all of you guys are doing well, too. We can't wait to see this wedding poster. I'm just so excited. I want to take it to Gencon with me (tehe!). I'll talk to you all later. I want to spend as much time as I can with my Lady.

Uthmah, the Engaged.

2006-02-21, 05:01 PM
Well if you need any tips on how to save money and still have a wedding reception I can give you some. ;)

2006-02-21, 11:12 PM

Actually- we are pondering the thought of going to Disney....got any tips? ???

2006-02-23, 05:20 PM
Oh, we just went to Disney. Are you planning on going alone or taking the kids?

One thing I would definitely recommend, which won't be a money saver but it'll make Disney soooo much more enjoyable, would be to get the Express Passes. They are passes where you can get in line for your ride, and they'll give you a time to be back to ride the ride. So you don't have to waste time in line. Oh my gosh, it is so worth it (I hear, and I had a 1 year old and a 3.5 year old. I'd have killed for the Express Passes. Unfortunately, the whole vacation was on my InLaws so I didn't have much input.

Also, pack you some snacks to take into the parks. A 20 oz water is like 2.50, but they let you bring in packs and stuff. We brought some cookies and fruit and waters (frozen, it was midAugust, so they melted and were icy) and kept them in the baby's stroller. There are stroller parking places everywhere, but I don't think you have babies. Our stroller was mostly storage space :-).

2006-02-24, 02:51 PM
This is an experienced lady.

2006-02-25, 09:30 PM
I agree the express passes are awesome.

I meant tips like: You can get blank invitation cards and print them out yourself. I went to Hallmark and they let me look at a book to get ideas on wording. I made some notes and then I figured out the wording myself. I bought 300 invitations and 100 thank you cards for less than $100 at Papers Plus. My mom took a picture of us at the park and we got 300 prints at Costco. We printed them with blue ink and they came out very nice.

I bought fabric for my bridesmaid dresses (3) at a nice fabric store and they gave me a discount too. I spent $120 on 15 yards of satin fabric plus I got lining zippers and thread for each color (pale blue, lavender, and pale yellow) and the patterns. My friends made their bridesmaid dress or got someone to make it for them.

I got my wedding dress for $400 off the rack, and my friend who worked at the store recommended renting the bustle since no one really needs to keep it and she was right. She made my veil with tule and used a pretty ribbon and glued it on the edge. (no one could tell it looked as good as the $175 veil in the store) She also did the beading for the top which was the most work and she gave me a very good price for her work. She also hemmed my dress and sewed the buttons on to bring up the train for me as a gift.

Flowers cost a lot in general. You can save money on decorating by getting friends to help you make the arrangements for the tables.

These are just some of the things that I did and I did have a lot rescources through my church that helped. I didn't have to pay to use the church cultural hall and one of the church leaders had a DJ system that he let us use for free. My brother did the DJ music for us. Another friend burned a great list of music for dancing that my brother didn't play much of but I loved listening to it until it broke.

2006-02-26, 01:34 AM
How could I miss this post? I should read Friendly Banter more.

Anyways, a million congratulations to both of you. This is really great news, and I wish you both luck and happiness with everything for the rest of your lives! ;D


2006-02-26, 12:09 PM
That sounds wonderful Starla!!

Uthmah and I are really planning on having a small ceremony-- just him, me and a JP to make it official. My family is in TX...his parents are there in Kentucky- other than that? It will be just us.....but thank you!!

We are discussing details on our Disney honeymoon, trying to decide if the 'concierge service' will be worth it, etc..etc... its our Honeymoon- so we want to be pampered/spoiled! LOL!

Im actually on the hunt right now for some corny bride/groom Tshirts for us! LOL!!

2006-02-26, 07:58 PM
I can't believe that all this drama and romance has been going on in the forums! :o Congradulations! I hope you have a wonderfull marriage! ;D

2006-02-26, 08:20 PM
Ooooohoooohoooohhhh!! Re: corny Bride/Groom stuff? That's one of the best things I noticed at Disney this last time. There are Mouse Ears with veils and top hats that people were wearing all over the park, it was soooooo cute! And all the animals and attendents would be wishing them well, going out of their way to congratuate the newlyweds.

2006-02-26, 08:28 PM
Ooooohoooohoooohhhh!! Re: corny Bride/Groom stuff? That's one of the best things I noticed at Disney this last time. There are Mouse Ears with veils and top hats that people were wearing all over the park, it was soooooo cute! And all the animals and attendents would be wishing them well, going out of their way to congratuate the newlyweds.


We are planning on getting those when we are there! LOL! He loves attention...he ought to just adore all the 'fanfare' when he is wearing his hat! Did I mention that Uthmah loves hats too? he will be in Heaven!!

2006-02-26, 10:36 PM
Best of luck to all involved.
And I used caps for once.That's a rarity.

2006-02-28, 06:17 PM
Congradulations! I hope you have a wonderfull marriage!
My avatar even got dressed up

2006-02-28, 10:53 PM
Congradulations! I hope you have a wonderfull marriage!
My avatar even got dressed up


Love the avatar!! Another fan of the show! ;D

2006-03-01, 11:26 AM
Geez I leave the mesg forums for a few months come back and Uthmah is engaged?

Crazy, but awesome.

best wishes!

2006-03-03, 08:05 PM
I really need to read this forum more... What a beautiful story. All the best to both of you. :) ;D

2006-03-05, 06:57 PM
that's one of the most weird things i ever see in my life...

Damn it! Why not me ;D

Good luck for you guys!

2006-03-05, 07:45 PM
Congratulations to both of you. Looks like you'll have the official GITP band serenading you on that poster (check the poster thread to see what I'm talking about)

And my avatar got dressed up too! I'm now sporting a white tux for the wedding.

2006-03-07, 08:28 AM
All the best wishes to you! Incredible story, which makes it all the better.

Jontom Xire
2006-03-09, 11:52 AM
Well, I just finished reading the 11 pages because I didn't want to look stupid, which I probably already do.
Anyway, my question is, I'm a 33 yo male, getting a divorce, and really wondering where the best place to find a gaming girl/woman to have conversation and fun with, maybe more someday. My network of friend (singular term not a mistake) is limited, and I'm not really part of any church. The local gaming shop owner's daughter is already involved. I'm just trying to plan my life out. I'm not really into the club scene, and bars are there to get drunk and watch sports. I've never seen any prospective x-Mrs. Po***'s at any bars yet, but maybe I'll need to adjust my paradigm. Basically, I'm scared that by the time I am ready to get back into dating, I'll be really old and crusty, and usdesirable to just about anyone. I mean, I'm 33. It's like a whole pre-midlife crisis thing. Any suggestions?

Snap, except that I'm 31.

So where's my Ceres?

2006-03-09, 11:28 PM
Snap, except that I'm 31.

So where's my Ceres?

You know....I was the aggressive one in our introduction! LOL!! I had seen him post several times before on rt.com and I have several friends on there...I looked at his profile and it didnt give a whole lot of info...and nothing really struck me until he posted on another thread. He talked about his hopes and dreams that he wanted in a partner and something about his post struck a chord...

I then posted "email me" and that was it!

We started emailing each other back and forth..then phone calls...then flying back and forth ...and we are blessed to have found each other. It CAN happen out there but you have to be careful- and you have to be ready. Uthmah and I were both looking for a blunt, honest person that was very open and accepting - and that NEEDED to contact the other---that is what makes our relationship work so well. The fact that we are the best of friends FIRST...

so your "Ceres" is out there....probabally closer than you realize? but you have to be 'ready' too...

and with that? I think I will take off this hat cause its mighty uncomfortable...there is quite a bit of strain on the ol'brain! LOL! That "hat" is better on Starla, Cherry, Wukei or Gordon...


Best of luck to you in your search for happiness!! ;D

2006-03-09, 11:59 PM
and with that? I think I will take off this hat cause its mighty uncomfortable...there is quite a bit of strain on the ol'brain! LOL! That "hat" is better on Starla, Cherry, Wukei or Gordon...


Best of luck to you in your search for happiness!! ;D

Haha. :D

2006-03-13, 05:54 PM
Thanks for putting all this together, Wampa. I was around as Uthmah told us all about his difficulties with his ex-wife in 'Ask Cherry,' and then when he introduced us to Ceres in what had become 'Ask Gordon.' But I missed everything in between up until just a few weeks ago. So it's good to see the story in its entirety.

And now that I have... really, really, congratulations to you, Uthmah and Ceres. That this has worked out is amazing... and all I can do is hope something half as nice happens to me in the next fifteen years.

2006-03-14, 12:31 AM
That "hat" is better on Starla, Cherry, Wukei or Gordon...


*Tries that hat on again but it clashes with her dress.

Maybe after the wedding. But you know most of it comes from my reading of other's experience. I am only 24.

2006-03-16, 12:34 AM
That is the most awesome thing I have ever read in my life. Because I relate to it so much. I too am in an online relationship. There's one BIG difference between Ceres & Uthmah and me and my girlfriend's relationship. I've never met my girlfriend yet. But this summer, I finally will. I don't know how I'm going to be in the airport when I meet her though. Good luck Ceres & Uthmah, I hope you have a long and loving relationship together.

[_Jeff "The Jet"_]

2006-03-17, 12:06 AM
Simply amazing. Just went through and read everything from beginning to end... (okay, maybe I skimmed a lot of it). A very heartfelt congratulations to both Uthmah and Ceres.

2006-03-17, 03:42 PM
Congrats. I decided today, while at work, to check out the forums and such. I've been looking at the comic ever since someone on the ddo.com/beta forums told me about it. Well the first post I read was the entir story! Very romantic -- inspiring even.

You all seem like a great bunch. Congrats to the happy couple.

Now, is there a chance for the same for the rest of us ... only time will tell !!!

2006-03-19, 07:21 AM
So, its come to this. A shameless exploitating of the message board to promote love and happiness. ;D


Almost culpable ;D

Oh and congrats to that marriage! (not associated with quoted text)

2006-03-20, 08:10 PM
I wish I could have been around for this earlier on because I feel like a...[insert some undesirable title here]. But I still think this whole series of events is amazing and I wish the best to you two.

2006-03-22, 07:42 PM
Sorry i havnt been around on the message boards, ive been swamped with school.

This is the first post ive answerd in about 6 months, and i am glad it was this one ;D

First of all, i wanted to congradulate the happy couple and give them the best of an old darth lord ;) <sing, sing, sing, sing for the happy couple> id dress my avatar up, but its one rich supplied (i have an avatar made of a bard with a lute and lightsabre, but thats a bit off topic :) )

second of all i would like to announce my successful propsal to my 5 year old girlfriend. i proposed to her in the middle of a gaming session in character (my char. proposed to her char. then i proposed IRL {in real life})


2006-03-22, 09:47 PM
While this is indeed a rare occurance, interestingly enough, it's not the first time I've seen it.

Yep, on the Nuklearpower Forums, two of the mods, Screennames: Rai Rai and Shiney met on the boards and got married (I believe it was last year).

Well, just thought I'd throw in that little chip, congratulations to you both.

2006-03-25, 09:12 PM
congratz! ;D

2006-03-26, 11:22 AM
Congratulations to the both of you, I think it's great that you met each other this way and can relate a little, since I met my husband on a larp :) I wish you a happy marriage and a wonderful life!

2006-03-26, 10:32 PM
I will buckle your swash?


Do you by chance read Katie McAllister books? She has one titled that "buckling swashes" and its great! ;D

2006-03-29, 11:58 PM
Congratulations! I met my husband playing D&D, and he always teases our gaming geek friends that he snagged the rare gamer chick. We've got a beautiful little girl now - she plays my familiar in the game and we bought her a big fuzzy d20 for Christmas so she can even roll. Although she is more fond of chewing on it.

Best wishes to you and your entire little family unit!

2006-03-30, 01:21 AM
Congratulations! I met my husband playing D&D, and he always teases our gaming geek friends that he snagged the rare gamer chick. We've got a beautiful little girl now - she plays my familiar in the game and we bought her a big fuzzy d20 for Christmas so she can even roll. Although she is more fond of chewing on it.

Best wishes to you and your entire little family unit!

That's awesome. Geek happily-ever-after stories are the best!!!

2006-04-01, 04:14 PM

if you record your wedding, you can trump any aruguement from anyone that they're nerder if you also show them the proposal.

2006-04-03, 01:38 PM
i would like to announce my successful propsal to my 5 year old girlfriend.

Am I reading this right? It just sounds a bit... well... weird to me. Clarify please?

(This coming from someone who loves someone 3 years younger than himself, and in my age group that makes quite a difference!)

2006-04-04, 09:10 PM
Am I reading this right? It just sounds a bit... well... weird to me. Clarify please?

(This coming from someone who loves someone 3 years younger than himself, and in my age group that makes quite a difference!)

Hehe, I'm sure it's just writen wrong.

2006-04-05, 02:41 AM
I'd suggest substituting "girlfriend of five years" maybe?

2006-04-05, 09:38 AM

Update time--Uthmah has been so busy with work I thought I would let everyone know that its all be finalized! I bought his ring recently- its a beautiful wedding band! Simple but elegant! We have our flights booked--our tickets to Disney--our reservations at the parks...I contacted the Justice of the Peace/ deputy clerk and we are good to go! Paperwork is filled out, etc....

We are ready!!

Now we just wait..... ::)

For those of you who dont know-- We will be married June 19th,2006 in Orlando

2006-04-05, 02:02 PM
OH, if you just wait another month I could go to your wedding... :P OH! could you post a picture of the ring?

2006-04-05, 03:43 PM
OH, if you just wait another month I could go to your wedding... :P OH! could you post a picture of the ring?

cant wait--we already made all our reservations! LOL!

How do I post a pic of the ring on here?

2006-04-05, 05:38 PM
cant wait--we already made all our reservations! LOL!

I was just kidding, while I'm down there I won't have time to do anytghing else :-/

2006-04-05, 06:24 PM
How do I post a pic of the ring on here?

You can make an account on photobucket that takes like 5 seconds and host it. Then post the url here.

2006-04-05, 07:17 PM
Lets see if this works!!! ::)


I put a few pics on there of us, his ring and my ring...

2006-04-05, 08:45 PM

OOOOOOOOO! Sparkly! ;D

2006-04-05, 11:00 PM
Yay. This is exciting. And that's a day after my birthday. You should have gone a day earlier...

And thanks for the link... there are some great pictures on there. I always enjoy seeing happy people. :D

2006-04-06, 01:26 PM
Wow! You guys look nothing like your avatars! :D Pretty funny, seeing as how I look nothing like mine either. Still, somehow my mental image of people has been tampered with by the presence of their avatars. I mean, Rich Burlew looks exactly like his avvy!

2006-04-06, 01:33 PM
LOL LadyGlutter!!!

No I know it....we look nothing like our avatars! I have really short hair and glasses--and bless my Rich's heart, he is turning grey early and has the brightest blue eyes....

His avatar he picked from "Big O!" on cartoon network--mine? I picked one of OoTS avatars that looked dark and gothic cause I dont know how to create one myself.... but I understand what you mean! LOL!! My yahoo avatar has really short hair and green eyes...and Rich's looks somewhat like him
(but my avatar on yahoo would have to gain at least 50 lbs to look like me ROTFLMAO!!) ::)

2006-04-06, 01:54 PM
This whole glorious story only vaguely registered for me until today (yeah, I know. who's oblivious?) when I went through Wampa's links. And you know what? You proposed on the exact same day that I did! Wow. What a small world. Or one heck of a great day. Maybe both?

Anyhoo, congratulations!

And best of luck with the wedding planning. Cause I know that I certainly need some :D

2006-04-06, 07:21 PM
(but my avatar on yahoo would have to gain at least 50 lbs to look like me ROTFLMAO!!) ::)

and should that matter? Never does, never will. apperance is about as important as fasion, aka matters not at all.

2006-04-07, 12:47 AM
I just wanted to congratulate you two, Ceres47 and Uthmah , and wish you a bright and happy future.
It was really inspiring to read your posts.

Lots of love 2 you!


2006-04-10, 08:20 AM
Awwww, the kids look so cute. :) Good luck with the wedding planning, Ceres!

2006-04-12, 11:44 PM
Is it to late to request to be in the poster heres my image.


2006-04-13, 11:16 AM
Is it to late to request to be in the poster heres my image.

The thread to ask that is here (http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=banter;action=display;num=1144437050 )

2006-04-14, 01:18 AM
I'm very proud for you two (or as proud as I can be for a married couple when I'm a 13 year old) and I hope you live long and prosper.

May your swords sa sharp and strong


2006-04-17, 05:18 PM
this just shows that love always finds a way. i hope you guys live happily ever after!

2006-04-18, 10:36 PM
I just read Your Story And well Congratz!

True Love Conquers All.

May you live Happily Ever After. :)

2006-04-22, 07:53 PM
I read your guys's story the other day (but didn't look at the dates) and thought i had missed out on it all, but golly i can still get caught up in the loop! I have many wishes of long lives and happiness for you two and your children, also the rings are amazing. I'm still pendintg on my request to be in the poster, I'm so excited for you two *beams* ;D

*sings* Love will keep us together *ends singing*

Mortia De Luna Draco
2006-04-24, 12:02 AM
You know, It just warms my heart every time I see this. Once again, I wish you both the best of luck.
sorry Kedrot, I couldnt help myself. That makes 13!

2006-04-24, 12:41 AM
Goodluck to you both.

2006-04-26, 05:23 AM
Reading this just now really made my day. Congratulations and best wishes!

2006-05-03, 07:51 PM
Ooh! I love weddings!
Best wishes and have a happy rest of your life!

2006-05-17, 08:17 PM
Recently read your story.Congrats and best wishs.

2006-05-21, 10:17 PM
Congradulations! You have probably heard this a thousand times before, longer than most people do after their wedding, so cangrats again! Now you've heard it a thousand and one times!

EDIT: Does Uthmah even know about this thread? He hasn't posted(or at leats I didn't see him post here).

2006-05-22, 10:13 PM
EDIT: Does Uthmah even know about this thread? He hasn't posted(or at leats I didn't see him post here).

Yes he does know about this thread- he is amazingly busy! He works fulltime and is in the process of buying a home right now! We leave for our honeymoon in approx 3-4 weeks- we get married on June 19th- he just has a lot on his plate! LOL!!

but I will send him a link- and lets see what he has to say! LOL! ::)

2006-05-23, 12:25 PM
He he! Yes, I've been reading and rereading this thread quite often. Thank you all for you well wishing. Yes, I've been terribly busy, with work, the wedding, and the new house. Yes, a new house. Still working out the details on it. I'll try to post updates as they come it. Take care.

2006-05-24, 04:10 PM
WAAAGH!! Im a sucker for happy endings.

Must.... Stop... Grinning..... like.... idiot...........

2006-05-27, 01:02 PM
Congrats to you both. This also coming from my other D&D/Guild Wars friends. CONGRAGULATIONS!!!

PS: Did you get a videographer to immortalize the occasion?

2006-05-27, 11:36 PM
PS: Did you get a videographer to immortalize the occasion?

We are getting married in 21 days in Orlando- I promise that as soon as we have pics downloaded I will post a link on here!

2006-05-27, 11:40 PM
Actually....I do have a little something online if you are interested....


Uthmah asked me to create a page on theknot.com so his coworkers could see/read about us- Enjoy!


2006-06-10, 03:40 PM
Congratulations to both of you! Best of wishes!

It's happy endings like these that make me cry... :'(

2006-06-11, 12:04 AM
Just nine more days. And I wanted to let you guys know that yes I did get the announcement. It's very nice...I wish I had someplace nice to stick it...

2006-06-11, 11:09 PM
Have a nice trip! Adios! It's been like 3 months since I last posted on this subject... I cant believe it.

2006-06-11, 11:15 PM
Hello everyone!!

Update time- OMG- we are busy! Uthmah is scheduled to close on the house on Thursday (fingers crossed and knockin on wood) and we are both working on packing our stuff for the trip!

We will be in Orlando on Sunday night- and we get married Monday morning! I will post a link on here with pics just as fast as I can get some downloaded

Wukei- Im glad you got it! :) Thank you so much for the pic!!

2006-06-12, 06:25 AM
All the best have a great Day.

2006-06-18, 08:16 PM
Well, tomorrow's the big day! Hope it all goes well, and you have lots of fun.

Best wishes,

-Vaynor :D

EDIT: Spam-B-Gone has taken care of the problem.

2006-06-19, 12:10 AM
Have a great wedding, Uthma and Ceres!!

2006-06-19, 02:09 AM
I second that notion! Have the time of your lives!

2006-06-19, 05:54 PM
Have a great time!

2006-06-19, 07:54 PM
Congratulations! Enjoy this leg of life. ;)

2006-06-24, 06:10 PM
Hehe. Uthmah and Ceres47 here. We are sitting in the Orlando airport, waiting for our plane to take us back to Dallas. We had a wonderful week. The food was amazing, and the service provided to us at just about everywhere in Walt Disney World (forever known as WDW, because I'm getting a hand cramp just typing it.) Everywhere we got a sit down meal, there was champange or free deserts. Our Mickey and Minnie wedding ears paid for themselves. I've been to WDW several times, and was never treated so well. People would walk by and say "Congradulations!" everywhere we walked. We were always put at the front of the rollercoaster, no back seats for the bride and groom. LOL
The Wedding was short but sweet. Ceres47's cousin was there to take pics. We will try to get them up on photobucket as soon as possible for you all.
Oh, back to WDW for a moment. If you go to Epcot, and you like to swim with fish, we highly recommend the Aqua Seas Tour (or if you are certified, go for the Divequest tour), at the Living Seas. You have to make reservations months in advance, but it's absolutely worth every penny. The money you pay goes to wildlife protection, so it doesn't seem toooooo outrageous. Swimming with the sharks and turtles was the best. We only had one scary moment when one of the seatrutles took an interest in us (they are big and strong, and we were warned not to interact with them, or our dive would be done), but we got away unscathed. We were the last ones out of the tank, the "lovebirds".
(BTW, there is a great picture of me with a wood troll, with me wearing my OOTS t-shirt. I had to put a plug in for that *wink*)
Anyway, we are getting set to board. Will post again soon!
Ceres47 & Uthmah

ps: ok, easier then I thought, here is the link to photobucket:
if it doesn't link, just copy and paste (a new concept for me.)

2006-06-24, 09:42 PM
Haha, sounds like you guys had a lot of fun, hope to hear more about it soon!

2006-06-25, 10:03 PM
Once more:

congratz! ;D

2006-06-26, 09:18 PM
a post from a HAPPILY married woman....
Yep- Im as giddy as a freakin loon! LOL!!

Well its been a week without a post- did you miss me? I have a whole week to tell you about so bear with me as a ramble on! LOL!

SATURDAY- Rich flew in! Gosh I was glad to see him and he looked absolutely wonderful!

SUNDAY- We got up at the crack of dawn to catch a redeye flight to Orlando. My dad drove us to the airport so we didnt have to stash the truck at the airport for a week. THANKS DADDY! Our flight was great- we watched the movie "Failure to Launch" which was adorable..if you havent seen it? Its a good giggle! Definately made the 2.5 hr flight pass quickly. I have to say that one thing that made this past week awesome was that it was completely TROUBLEFREE- Literally! We got to the airport, got our luggage and found the bus to enterprise immediately! No worries! Rented a car- Mazda 6- which was a free upgrade and an unbelievably cute car with an amazing amount of trunk space! Holy Cows! You could fit 4 dead bodies in the trunk!

(looks around carefully)

Ok- bad joke- but the trunk was freakin huge! We literally fit 3 enormous suitcases in the trunk and had a bit of room to spare. Both Rich and I were shocked! Anyhoo (shiny object) we got the rental and made it to the Wilderness Lodge just peachy- got checked in and I have to say that Concierge service is F-U-N!! We pulled up- valet naturally- and they jumped right out! "Howdy Mr. P****! Lets get you up to your room"...no wait! We were escorted to our room to drop our things and then we went to the concierge desk to get our room keys. We were given a small tour of the 7th floor (room 7102 was NICE!) which was located right by the concierge services/elevator/ice machine! We had access to a small lounge area that offered up treats/drinks/coffee at any time of the day til 10 pm- PLUS we were allowed to go get snackies and bring them back to our room to keep in the minifridge in case it was late when we got in and the lounge was closed! (Heinekens went in the fridge! LOL!) Our room was wonderful!

When we arrived- there was our Bride & Groom Mickey ears waiting, a pal mickey, trading pins, and an autographed picture of Minnie and Mickey mouse! The room was lovely as usual...I had been there before and the lodge was just as beautiful as I remembered it! Rich thought it was spectacular!

Sunday evening we headed out to the Animal Kingdom for a while to take advantage of each minute! Boy it was HOT! It wasnt as crowded as I expected it to be..and we quickly learned that the sandals were a bad idea and wore sneakers the rest of the trip! LOL! We had dinner at Artist Point at the Lodge- fantastic! They congratulated us and treated us like royalty! They brought us champagne to toast our wedding and they also gave us a special menu that has our names at the bottom with the date- it was too cool!

MONDAY--Mon morning we got up early to head out to the Courthouse! I got all dressed up in my bridal pants suit outfit complete with my Minnie ears- Rich got all decked out in his suit with his Mickey Top hat! We headed downtown and my cousin, Ben, met us at the courthouse for the ceremony. It literally took 5 minutes FLAT to become Mrs. P****!! Shocking!- and we were the only ones dressed up at the courthouse! That itself surprised me..heck people.. you are getting MARRIED-at least ACT like its important to you? LOL! Ben (my cousin) took pics for us and they are posted on photobucket under the user Ceres47! We left the courthouse beaming and headed back to the hotel.


(snickers in delight)- Gosh I love screwing with you people! LMAO!! Actually- we headed back to the hotel and changed so we could take off for MGM! We went to MGM cause I had never been there and we had a Fantasmic dinner package arranged! Dinner that evening at the Brown Derby- very nice- and then the show at 9 pm! An awesome combo but we felt like cows being herded out after the show...the crowd slowly moved and Rich literally began Moooooo-ing as we walked! I was cracking up laughing! He has such a wonderful sense of humor! He makes me smile! Yall would be so proud of me! I actually rode the Tower of Terror (im scared of heights!) and loved it! I also rode the Aerosmith rockin rollercoaster...AWESOME!

TUESDAY--Return to Animal Kingdom (I think, its a blur) we had a "behind the scenes Safari Tour" arranged and if you ever go to Animal Kingdom- THIS IS A MUST! That was fantastic! No waiting in line- private tour guide and we were so close to the animals it was magical! The zebra and some deer/cow lookin thing was blocking our road at one point! The ostrich was so close we were warned to keep any hair scrunchies away from the windows! We got the best pictures and I got a photo of Rich holding Giraffe pellets...ROTFLMAO...the tour guide handed him some shellac'd giraffe turds to pass around! LOL! Needless to say it was very interesting and fun! We tried a couple of times at Animal Kingdom to get a fastpass on the new Everest ride...IMPOSSIBLE.... all the fast passes were gone within an hour or so of opening! Unbelieveable!

WEDNESDAY!--Magic Kingdom! Crowded! Hot! Crowded! Hot! We had reservations at 2pm at Cinderella's Castle for lunch so we got to sleep in! Which was fantastic cause we were exhausted and sore..and apparently severely out of shape! LOL! We tried to check in early for our reservation and was told that we couldnt-so we went to the giftshop to kill some time in the airconditioning when the host came and FOUND US to give us a FastPass to *ANY* ride in the park! OMG! We went to Space Mountain and walked to the front of the line-walked in- rode it and walked back to the castle! THAT WAS AWESOME that he did that! He said we looked adorable in our Ears and gave us that as a little token! We went inside and had our picture taken with Cinderella. Lunch was amazing! Our waiter brought us complimentary glass mugs from the castle as a gift! All the princesses (Aurora, Snow White, Belle, Mary Poppins) came around and signed a certificate for us! We saw the Philharmagic, rode Space Mountain (awesome) Haunted Mansion....then we went back to swim cause we were baking and Magic was horribly crowded!

---at one point this week we went to Pleasure Island and had a blast at 8trax and Adventurers club to which we were horribly embarassed! "Oh how did you meet?- Oh really...guess there is hope for all the geeks out there" is what the lady said but we just thanked our lucky stars that we didnt work for JC Penneys!! OMG! She was making fun of another guy that married a coworker by singing "its all inside"


THURSDAY--OMG--Aqua Seas Tour at Epcot! OMG OMG OMG!! FREAKIN AWESOME! Where do I even begin?? This was one of the major highlights of the honeymoon!! OMG OMG OMG! We began the tour by seeing the behind the scenes of the Living Seas Pavilion! Pretty boring...until...we go up the stairs over the huge tank! Let me tell you- there is no way to even fathom how massive this tank is other than using their description: You can fit the ball for Epcot inside of this tank and still have room left over! HOLY SMOKES! The tank is M*A*S*S*I*V*E!!! We went back to the locker rocms to watch a video and suit up! He said 'the suits are designed to be snug'....ok- read that as : "Pour your butt into neoprene"
The suits were sooooo snug the crotch literally wouldnt go all the way up and that is probably a blessing cause it would have been pornographic if it fit properly! LMAO! I had self esteem issues before the trip...I guess im getting over them cause we all had to walk thru the CROWDED living seas pavillion in these wetsuits- I could have walked thru naked for the same effect! LOL! We got back up to the walkway over the tank and prepared to get in. I got 'tanked' and checked my breathing apparatus and got in the water face first. Now this is a snorkling class- you dont have to be certified but you do have to have a lick of sense in order to realize that you arent going to drown cause it takes REAL effort to get back to a vertical position with tanks on your back and huge flippers on your feet! LMAO! I got in and felt like I couldnt breathe..I panicked! Rich thankfully stayed with me the whole time and helped me regulate the apparatus to where I was ok! It was amazing...once I got calmed down and realized that I wasnt going to drown in a fishtank at Disney! LOL! I got back in the water face down and was amazed! We were swimming 5 feet above sharks! SHARKS! There was fish everywhere of every size! There were sea turtles! There was rays! It was amazing! Breathtaking! Once-in-a-lifetime experience! They took pics of us in our wetsuits and we were both grinning like idiots! We spent the rest of the day amazed and just raving bout our Aqua Seas Tour! I wanna get certified now! LOL! We spent the rest of the afternoon walking the world showcase and sipping on beers/wines and shopping! LOL!

FRIDAY--(whew this is alot to type!) We spent Friday at Epcot again- finishing the showcase! LOL! We were exhausted so it was a short day!

Let me just say that in this week...there was other things that we did but they are just blurred in there somewhere! LOL! We saw La Nouba (facinating- will elaborate more later- getting tired! I have been typing for a hour!) we went to Disney Quest... we went shopping at Downtown Disney where my new husband spoiled me ROTTEN! Ok- im all about gimmicks- right? Well there was a stand that had the "pick an oyster, harvest a pearl" set up. So naturally- I wanted to do it! I always thought it was so neat that Jess (my sister) got to dig out a pearl and put it in a little silver necklace- I thought that was the neatest! So we went to the counter and I asked how it was done. She gave Rich the tongs and told him "ok, groom you pick the ugliest oyster you can find" so he reached in and grabbed one for me...she said to give him a kiss and she would open it for me! I kissed him and she shucked it for us! Inside was a HUGE pearl that was simply perfect! OMG! HUGE!! Next time you eat peas for dinner- find the biggest/fattest pea you can on your plate and think of my pearl! OMG! The lady was amazed cause it was bigger than her display pearl! ROTFLMAO! Rich had it mounted on a pendant for me and put on a gold chain as a wedding gift! Isnt he awesome? He has spoiled me ROTTEN this week- he splurged and picked up things that I didnt even realize- I thought he bought some burberry cologne for him...NOPE...he bought it for me but I was too stoopid to realize it! LMAO!! I was in shock cause he bought me a GORGEOUS purse...

wrapping this up fast cause I have to go back to Hell-cough- I mean "I have to go in to work tomorrow" and I didnt want our week to end! We got back late yesterday and the kids were so happy to see us and loved everything we got them...

oh gosh...there is so much to say! LMAO!! More to come later as I think of it....

2006-06-26, 10:02 PM
Oh!! I am so happy for you two. So many Hugs and Congrats!!!
The pics were so great to see, thanks for sharing them!


2006-06-27, 01:33 AM
Congradulations you two!

I find this story to be just incredible. Really, it is. I've never known that I could be so happy for people that I haven't met. I've heard of people meeting and falling in love on the internet, but never documented in the way that this was. The Playground's a wonderful place, isnt it ;)

Congradulations again, and may your marrige be even more blessed than your courtship.

2006-06-27, 12:00 PM
Congradulations again, and may your marrige be even more blessed than your courtship.

It already is...and im an extremely lucky woman to have him in my life

:-* I love you, Uthmah! :-*

2006-06-30, 05:25 AM
Just saying congratulations to the two. Well done.

2006-07-13, 07:12 PM
It's good to see that the Internet has its upsides too. Congratulations and all of the best luck to you both!

2006-07-24, 08:09 AM
Reading this story has given me a heartwarmed smile. Best of luck to you both!

2006-07-27, 09:15 PM
Huh, perhaps I should poke my head into Friendly Banter more often. Congratulations Uthmah and Ceres! May your lives be filled with love, happiness, and giant robots. ;D

2006-08-11, 12:34 AM
Hiya folks! Thought I've give a shout out to Gorbash and WampaX. Got to meet both of them at Gencon today (yesterday, techanically). Great guys. Congrats to Wampa on the big promotion. Good luck with that!

Uthmah, The happly married poster!

2006-08-11, 03:21 AM
Been something like 2000 posts since I've posted about this topic, I thought it'd be good to say something again.

Glad you're doing well, best of wishes for the future. :)

Abd al-Azrad
2006-08-11, 02:26 PM
Yeah, this is awesome-sweet. I just read through the whole ordeal... you two seem utterly great together.

2006-08-13, 09:02 AM
Congrats kids , wishing you a happy and wonderful life together. Very jealous Uthman never been able to make it to GenCon , got a friend that played in some of the first campaigns in Lake Geneva and went to the first 3 or 4 .

2006-08-23, 12:30 AM
Just to let everyone know, Ceres47 and I are still doing well. Thank you all for you warm wishes.

2006-08-28, 09:54 AM
This is the single most heartwarming story I have ever read on the internet. I wish both of you a hapy and long life together.

2006-09-16, 12:01 PM
The best of luck to you two and anyone how finds true love!!

(lucky of me I did too... ĦĦĦand she loves games !!!)

2006-09-16, 12:27 PM
It's very nice to hear/read such tales of true love...*sighs*)

The best of luck to you two and anyone how finds true love!!

(lucky of me I did too... ĦĦĦand she loves games !!!)

Lucky both of us, don't you think? (Hi ;D)

2006-09-17, 02:14 PM
ya;i feel gr8 4 ya, but you have a bizzaro name. no offense.....well....mabe a lil' bit...

2006-09-17, 02:16 PM
utmah;cool roger.i like big 0 too. ;)

Tussy the Druid
2006-09-17, 03:51 PM
Engaging on the internet *whistles* I've seen everything. *Looks to see monkey talking on the phone* Or not.

Jack Mann
2006-09-28, 04:14 AM
Interestingly, on another board I frequent, I know of at least two happily married couples who met there and another couple that's starting to get serious.

Ah, love is on the net...

2006-10-03, 07:18 PM
Most romantic thing I've seen on the internet to date...

Good luck you guys!

2006-10-13, 01:20 AM
it was an strange relationship, but if it works.... :)

My best wishes.
Good luck, UTHMAH AND CERES!!!! :D

And my best of best wishes to my friends Gatoval and Lauren. I love you guys and I want happiness to you. :-*

2006-11-14, 08:31 PM
and its worked perfectly for the last 5 months!

We have been blissfully happy! Life feels like it has begun this year- I have never been so happy and I feel blessed to have found him! :)

Bor the Barbarian Monk
2006-11-15, 08:20 PM
I don't know who you are or anything like that, but these boards are so friendly (for the most part) that I feel I sould say something...

I have always believed that love is a happy accident waiting to happen. It can happen to ANYONE, ANYWHERE! My own designs for it have been dashed, but I hold out hope. (I mean, if my father can get remarried at age 69, then I still have a chance! (G-d bless dad...G-d bless Viagra...or both. hehehe)) I have seen other couples that are truly in love and, while envious, it's wonderful to see. :smallsmile:

To you and yours, the very best of all possible futures. May you know true love until you reach the end of the horizon. :smallsmile:

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-11-19, 09:00 PM
I don't know who you are or anything like that, but these boards are so friendly (for the most part) that I feel I sould say something..

*Death trips Bor up*

Oh, yeah just adding my warmest regards yet again. May your kangaroo never out jump your joy.

2006-11-20, 06:50 PM
Now if only Hailey and Elan could get together...

2006-11-26, 05:34 AM
Now if only Hailey and Elan could get together...
Nale may have already ruined that...
Hopefully not.

2006-11-27, 11:34 PM
Thank you for all your kind words. We both appreciate the well wishes we receive. Things here are very good. I've been working alot, and so has Ceres. We have a weekly lunch date to keep the romance going during the week. I just love her so much, words fail me.

2006-12-01, 08:25 PM
Thank you for all your kind words. We both appreciate the well wishes we receive. Things here are very good. I've been working alot, and so has Ceres. We have a weekly lunch date to keep the romance going during the week. I just love her so much, words fail me.

He has really been a true wonder to me....things that I think would possibly bother him-turn out to be a joy! Our lunch dates on a weekly basis are terrific! Its nice to be able to be alone and to see each other during the week...

it keeps me sane to see his warm, blue eyes!:redface:

He always tells me how much he loves me & always strives to show it...it makes me feel so cherished and adored! In factl....today he went christmas shopping for me! --and omg--its eating away at me! Im dying to pester him and ask "whatdidyougetme?" over and over again!! LOL!!:smallbiggrin: :roach:

2006-12-01, 08:42 PM
i think im late posting this, but im happy for you.

2006-12-04, 01:52 AM
Now this gives me hope!

To the bride: best wishes!
To the groom: congratulations!

2006-12-04, 03:39 PM
I'm prety new, so i missed the whole thing, but wow...

congratulations to you both. I thought this only happened in films and books...that stories end so happily fills me with hope and joy.

here's to a bright future!

2006-12-04, 03:42 PM

*reads the whole thread*

So basically, love exists.

Damn you humans, and best wishes for you feeble mortal beings!

2006-12-22, 02:01 PM
Belated Congratulations! And great pictures BTW!

2007-01-22, 08:15 PM
Is anyone else have trouble with the links? They just take me to the forum main page.

2007-01-23, 12:58 AM
Oh, it's cause of the new forum transfer some of the links are messed up. You can search for them or wait until they get fixed.

2007-01-31, 05:52 PM
Nothing left to say here except... Mazel Tov! May your joined lives be wonderful and rewarding.

2007-02-01, 11:33 PM
man its been a while sense i have loged in

2007-02-09, 10:22 AM
Totally sweet.

Proof that the Internet ain't so bad!

2007-02-10, 08:28 PM
I'll add my congratulations. I lurked the whole story from the beginning, I think I even posted once. Again best wishes for you both.

2007-02-12, 12:24 AM
WOOOT! Wow, congratulations! That's awesome =)

2007-02-18, 01:05 AM
I got my girlfriend (a non-gamer) to play the OOTS game with me; does that count as amazing or not?

2007-03-06, 11:37 AM
Totally sweet.

Proof that the Internet ain't so bad!

you have got to be kidding....*sigh* well that just goes to show...:roach:

Fus.Weapon 1337
2007-03-11, 09:18 PM
Man, I wish I could see those links...

2007-03-26, 05:19 PM
Congratulations from a Hoosier neighbor! I just adore the stories of how real people met and fell in love... much better than those totally unrealistic romance novels where some chick is rescued by a cowboy or swept off her feet by yet another sheikh....

2007-05-14, 08:26 AM
grongratulations and best wishes
i wish u an happy life toghetter:D

2007-05-15, 02:09 PM
Well I am amazingly uber late on this, since i just joined recently, but if you happen to check this anymore...CONGRATS!

I'm a sappy romantic...at least according to my friends, so this kind of stuff warms my heart with joy. Love is the most amazing thing in the world is it not.

Well heres to eternity! *drinks a potion*

Oh dear...that was the slime polymorph potion....*turns into a slime*

Blurp! Blurp!

2007-05-15, 02:14 PM
ok , and yeah your a bit late, like i amXD
and are u an emo? no offence or something but i'm just wondering......
*picks up slime and thinks*slime....wat should i do with it
*go's and do's evil experiments on slime*

Commander Hayes
2007-05-20, 10:28 PM
This actually reminds me of my current relationship, in a way, though I'm not married to her. Congratulations, both of you, as everyone else has said. I wish you the best. Heck, if ya want I'll dedicate my knocking my opponent out on the ninth to you two. :P I kid, I kid, but congratulations and all that.

2007-06-06, 11:47 PM
me and my girlfriend hooked up on xanga two and a half years ago. it is fun when stuff works out like that. congrats on the wedding.

Hell Puppi
2007-07-04, 12:36 AM
My bf and I met over a game of Rifts.

Lurv...it's a strange thing.

2007-07-05, 10:53 PM
Thank you, all. It's hard to believe we've been married a year now. We are still doing great, and getting ready for a second honeymoon next weekend. We are going to Vegas for 4 days, and we are just so excited. We will be attending GenCon again this year, with the kids. (The kids are visiting their other Daddy for the month of July, so no kids in Vegas hehe.) It warms our hearts all the people that have posted here. Thank you all again.

RBPRX1204 and Ceres47

2007-07-05, 10:58 PM
Is it just me, or do those links not work? Any chance of getting them fixed, or should I stop holding my breathe?

Chaos Perfected
2007-08-04, 09:23 PM
I met a friend on an X-Men RPG and through her I met another friend. We talked for a while and he said he had a girlfriend. Online. I laughed at him and tried to get her name out of him since I had a bad habit of flirting with his girlfriends. One day, without explantion, he did. I was a little nervous but I IMed her. She was very sad and I cheered her up, because my friend had just broken up with her (which is why he gave me her name) because she showed him her pictures and it was the aniversiry of her Dads death. That day I got an online girlfriend.

Two months later we met for the first time. We've met up every month since for three years, getting married in another year. >>

2007-08-04, 09:25 PM
Way to go. Play nice, and mean it. Generally works with the heartbroken.

Chaos Perfected
2007-08-04, 09:31 PM
It's been three years, I love her. But now that I look back, I did catch her on the rebound. Isn't that supposed to be bad? >>; I was just a huge flirt then.

2007-08-15, 04:33 PM
Congratulations on finding one another and being happy! :smallsmile: To find someone that you really "click" with is a rare and special thing. Best of luck to both of you with whatever path you follow in life.


2007-08-25, 05:35 AM
Im happy for you!
grongratulations with everything.

For people having a down in life, watch this. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i35WRFDcKGo)

2007-09-18, 12:06 AM
wow man im jealous, im so jaded about relationships...any single decent looking girls between the ages of 17 and 19 ouut there looking for a lovable mexican in their lives?


2007-11-07, 12:02 AM
How nice. I sincerely hope things will work out well.
A feeling amplified all the more by... well... I went through something similar and it ended very differently...
My best wishes to the two. Live long and prosper like Spock said.
Go forth and depopulate the earth... or was it some other term? Meh... t'is all good.

I'd express myself better but I have a problem with that.
Good luck, I s'pose. Have fun!

Mr. Mud
2007-12-05, 06:08 PM
I'm Speechless... but thank God I type . . . 'Gratz!! :smallbiggrin:

2007-12-23, 04:15 PM
That's so wonderful! Congrats over and over! :smallsmile:

2007-12-26, 03:19 AM
wow man im jealous, im so jaded about relationships...any single decent looking girls between the ages of 17 and 19 ouut there looking for a lovable mexican in their lives?


That's the worst way of making us mexicans embarrased

2007-12-28, 09:34 PM
Just spotted this, and looks like a lovely story, but it would be handy if the links in the OP were updated to reference pages on the new boards' threads. :smallsmile:

2008-02-27, 10:58 PM
So this pair have been married for around 2 years now, and another pair just got hitched. Isn't it time for a replacement? :smallconfused:

Zeb The Troll
2008-02-29, 02:47 AM
But, Serp, this thread's like, I don't know, antique furniture here. It's just kind of always been there. Everyone glances at it but no one touches it for fear it might break. :smallcool:

Gah! I touched the thread! :smalleek:

*gingerly removes hand from thread and steps away slowly, hoping no one will notice*


2008-03-25, 07:48 PM
Hey, I think the links are broken, I was unable to get them to work.

2008-04-06, 08:35 AM
Er... It's just taking me to the forum overview, not any boards. So I have to sift through thousands of posts ANYWAY.

Zeb The Troll
2008-04-07, 01:32 AM
The links are broken because they were put there before the forums were switched to the new software nearly two years ago. I don't believe either the bride or groom even post here regularly any more. Despite my humor the last time I posted here, I think Serpentine's right. It's about time this thread was de-sticky'd and/or replaced with a new one.

2008-04-07, 01:33 AM
Thank you Zeb :smallsmile:

It's nice when I'm right... or at least when someone agrees with me <.<

Zeb The Troll
2008-04-07, 01:47 AM
To be honest, Serp, I think more people would agree with you on this except that a lot of folks who've been here for a while don't bother to even look to see if anyone's posted in this thread because we all know that there's not actually any new information in it.

I came in to look because I happened to notice that you posted here and I knew you know how long in the tooth this thread is so I figured it might actually be something different than "Aww, how sweet/Congrats/Good luck" or "Hey, the links are broken". (Not that people shouldn't say those things, it's just that that's what at least 75% of the posts have been since the move and I already know that it's a sweet story and the links are broken. :smallcool: )

2008-04-07, 02:48 AM
Mm, very true.

I still want to find out this little story. =( But I'd rather not go searching... Can never remember the way to search Giantitp through google, and the 5 min delay on the built-in search is annoying.

But ah well. Might be an idea to destickify this. I'll be honest, I personally think there's better thread ideas that could be stickied here than an engagement announcement. Especially one that's 2 years out of date.