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2009-09-03, 07:33 PM
Where to post cards you created, news about the expansion packs, sceanorios, and rule edits.

2009-09-03, 07:38 PM
:redcloak:Sceanario #1
Talisman of Dorkuan
1. Take out all of the Linear guild of the monster deck.
2. Take out the earth sigil, air sigil, fire sigil, and room of unused moneters (Or whatever that's called) from the room deck
3. Take out the Talisman of Dorukan from the loot deck.

as soon as someone reaches the second floor, they encountet the Linear guld (CAN'T ATTACK) they have to find each of the sigils. As soon as they're all found (Can be placced anywhere on second floor, place the room of unused monsters in the next room they enter. There they and the other PCS must fight their evils twins and earn loot, and Nale (Who' always placed) the Talisman of Dorkuan.
The goblin revoultion is near.

PePe QuiCoSE
2009-09-06, 03:38 PM
so, basically each player has to fight his opposite and get no Xp for it? Sounds like a downer. It's worse if there are all on the same level and have to fight them since the LG chars strength varies a lot. But well, you are looking for the thematic aspect.
Funny, one day earlier I posted a 'variant' including the Elemental themed rooms.
I'll give the first book a look and try to set a themed variant up, so far i have been focusing in reducing game time.