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2009-09-05, 01:24 AM
It was just an ordinary, core-only, D&D setting. Then some apocalyptic cult made the mistake of wishing for "Beings with forms not meant to be seen by the human eye, and power this world knows not." Along came the PCs:

A Kender Factotum (Played by a good roleplayer. Tons of fun, although I've had to request that he hold off on the hilarious in-character dialog until I finish describing the room they're in)

A Fox Hengeyokai Wu Jen (showed up late, so didn't get much of a chance to play.)

A Duskling Dragon Shaman (the newbie. He seems to be a good roleplayer as well. His character is obsessed with killing birds.)

A Raptoran Scout (not the best roleplayer, but he tries. Naturally, he has some issues with the Dragon Shaman)

and A Rilkan Natural Were-fox Swashbuckler (another good roleplayer)

Now, I've noticed that two of the Rilkan racial traits rely on the existence of other Rilkan in the setting, which isn't the case. Since he's already taking a huge LA hit (more than half of his ECL) from being a natural lycanthrope, I don't want to just take away his racial traits as well, but at the same time, he agrees with me that they shouldn't just work as normal. So I'm asking you, The Playground, what would be an appropriate replacement for the Rilkan Racial Knowledge and Racial Aid abilities?

2009-09-05, 06:44 AM
Racial knowledge: May retry knowledge check at a -5 penalty, 1/ attempt, or may use knowledge checks untrained.
Racial aid: As a full round action may aid another and make a single meleee attack at highest base attack bonus?

Also, if they seem to be crippled by ECL, you could use the LA buy off rules from UA.