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2009-09-05, 09:47 PM
The campaign I'm running IRL, there's one part of the campaign world which is, despite nearby tropical conditions, stuck in perpetual winter. Also, nobody can get in or out of it, as they can't bring themselves to cross the line, not matter how hard they try. Magic has failed to peirce it, for as long as anyone can remember.

So, of course the PC's are going to end up there.

Here's what's going to happen; they've just taken down a sect of the cult of Pyremius, after getting annoyed when one of them came into town and started killing. One murder mystery, several red herrings, one torture scene, severeal detect evil's, and one curfew enforcement later and they've found the guy (but still don't know he's a changeling), and found out whereabouts the lair was. So they head off there. On the way, they bump into another adventuring party who's going the same way. So they reach there, and split into smaller groups and check different directions. It was two of the NPC's who went one way and bumped into the ceremony room, where there was a ceremony going on. One of them got killed, an elven bard.

After gaining the trust of the Dwarves who had effectively been reduced to slaves, and freed the prisoners, and looted the quartermaster's room, armed everyone and charged in to fight the 60 or so cultists, warding them off (two of the leaders teleported off, the other was killed). Now they need to return the elves body to her hometown. The necromancer who was locked up has offered to preserve her body, and the wizard who's with them has offered to organise a teleport (he's part of a 'Theives Guild'. But that's just a cover story to hide the hidden cult of Tritheroen. Long story).

There's going to be two teleports, one taking the party, the other taking a few others, and the body. The teleport goes wrong, and the party is thrown into a Frostfell enviroment. The only way out; via another plane.

The reason; they don't know it, but there's a war coming up. And it's up to the PC's to stop them, them and the small town they come from (as it will be the first stop for the invading army). The town's patron deity know's what's going to happen, and is therefore trying to gather as many allies as she can, using the PC's. So far they've got a bunch of ex-slaves, a few dozen soldiers, the other adventuring party, the small dwarvish town and the prisoners, and there's more (much more) coming up. Their deity has used her divine powers to screw up the teleport (leaving the poor wizard wondering where they went). They've ended up in the Frostfell bit, and need to make alliances with a few of the local tribes, and unite them against a common enemy (a White Dragon, methinks). One of the tribes has been researching a way outside, via another plane (unfortunatly, the only one is either the Abyss or the Nine Hells, haven't decided which one yet), but needs a bunch of stuff the other tribes have, etc. etc. When the party finally break through, it's going to be just in time for a bunch of paladins, etc. to show up for a raid on the plane. The battle doesn't go well, and the paladins retreat, with the tribes in tow, and head back to the material plane.

They now have a bunch of tribes who will settle in their hometown, as well as the paladins.

How does this sound? Queries? Questions? Critisicms?

2009-09-05, 10:08 PM
I only have one thing to say, and it's not helpful to you at all, but I'm saying it anyways: Cult of Trithereon = awesome.

I wanna hear the "Long story".