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2009-09-07, 05:55 PM
Long read ahead grab a drink or go to the bathroom before you start it.

I've been developing a world since about May, I just started DMing using 1st and 2nd ed. pdfs. I have two different campaigns going and the players have been asking about different parts of the world.

They've gotten most of the details about the continent they are on and how the kingdoms had formed. I used the player characters and campaign I used to play way back when as the founding kings/queens of the new kingdoms. The campaign was a typical go to the new world and save it from some kind of evil and they were rewarded with their own fiefdoms(epic adventure in my book, we had a blast that summer). But then contact with the old world was lost for some unkown reason (which has peaked the players interest now.) With most of the old heroes long dead, one is exiled to the underdark for various evil activities (that's how I've incorporated the drow/underdark, and is the final showdown in their current campaign though they don't know it yet) another one is missing (Wizard who just vanished one day while testing a spell, I have him wandering in the outer planes somewhere) and the last went to the "Old World" (working title) and hasn't returned just like everyone else who's made the trek across that ocean.

Now I need to develop the old world, I'm thinking a completely undead world for that continent, I'm not sure how though. I couldn't think of how to incorporate it using the Norse mythos (I picked a pantheon at random when we started) so I was thinking about adding Nerull into the mix and have him empowering someone to take over the land (what kind of undead overlord would it be? lich maybe?) I'm thinking the undead own pretty much 98% of the continent and the only life is well secluded, (I am still working on how and where.) I'm thinking that the undead took over in a similar fashion as the scourge/lich king from Warcraft 3 and in order to get the parties attention I'll have the undead launch an attack on the players current continent. That's about as far as I've gotten.

The party will probably be around level 6-9 by the time they finish this campaign and head over. We played randomly generally 2-3 times a month over the summer but since everyone has gone back to college we've had a lull in playing. Now though they want to try to keep playing via Instant messenger until we can all get back together. Any help/constructive criticism is openly welcome, and any advice relating to playing through an instant messenger is also greatly welcomed.

Also any books you can reccomend, like I said all I have are the 1st ed. PHB, DMG, Fiend Folio, and Unearthed Aracana. For 2nd ed. I have the complete Archive (PHB, DMG, Monster Manual, and a lot of other books.)

Thanks for reading through all of this, and thanks in advance.