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2009-09-08, 08:19 PM
So as a dm my favorite of favorite modules is the Tomb of horror. Ive Dm'ed it multiple times with several diffrent groups, but now my current group has given me an oppertunity Ive never had before.

so yeah was looking for some extra ways to torment my group and will go in depth into the module.

Ok so my group went the path of the tormentor and fought the 4 armed gargoyle. They put up a good fight but in then end when evry one was half dead and blooded. It came to the gargoyles turn I did a quick check of his hp and noticed he only had 5 left. I couldve had him keep fighting and possibly kill 1 of the group,and die himself. Or have him run through one of the doors in his room. The party decided to use this oppertunity to run like hell through the other series of secret doors to get to the great hall.

When they got to the great hall evrey one stopped panicking and started acting like the whole thing was over. They went about exploring the new room as if the gargoyle had never existed :(
they went through the Tunnels and found the room with 3 chests in it played with those, and figured that room would be the safest to camp in for the night. They through an alarm ward at the entrance of the tunnel and passed out for the night.

So i have a miffed mutant gargoyle with free reign over the first half of the tomb. He has int 8 so hes not super bright, but hes not unthinking.
I was planning on having him mess with the alarm spell in the hope of lureing one or two of them out of the tunnel (they left an obvious hole where there arnt any others). Currently he cant get to them large gargoyle little 3x3 tunnel.

Ok so now its time to make their lives hell. 1 thought I had was if he was to jump through the transport arch would he be counted as living or nonliving material. The thought of him grabbing the first person out of the tunnel and diving into the spliter ( it sends living matter to 1 place and nonliving matter to another) so you end up naked at the entrance. If he dousnt count as living seeing ashes a gargoyl with the earth subtype. It gives him run of the later portions of the tomb.

any suggestions

2009-09-08, 10:10 PM
Odds are if it doesn't have the Undead or Construct type, it counts as living. The gargoyle would get transported through the portal along with anyone it drags through.

Note however, that anyone who tries to follow them through the portal will come out with no equipment, while anyone who tries to follow them the long way will likely be too late to help their comrade :smallwink:.