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2009-09-10, 02:02 PM
I'm making a Psy War in my game, he is lvl 12 and has ~50k gold. I was wondering what I should spend all my gold on. He will be going for Str and Wis mostly. I haven't totally sold my DM on psionics, so no psionic items as of yet. What I was thinking was this:
+2 Ammy of Mighty Fists-24k
+4 Belt of giant Str-16k
Full plate-1.5k
+2 Wis ioun stone-8k

My PsyWar would be using the power that gives you claws for attacking, not weapons. So tell me if there is anything better in your opinion.

2009-09-10, 02:10 PM
+2 Ammy of Mighty Fists-24k
Huge waste of money. Much better to get the Metaphysical Claw power and use it on yourself.

+4 Belt of giant Str-16k
Good investment for a level 12 melee character.

Full plate-1.5k
Depends what your Dex is, and whether you picked up the Inertial Armor power. But long story short, probably a good idea. You can certainly afford to buy a magical version at this level, though, and possibly even to buy a mithral version.

+2 Wis ioun stone-8k
No. Ioun Stones cost double.

If your DM isn't allowing the various rules (DMG or Magic Item Compendium) that let multiple magic effects stack on the same item, then as a PsyWarrior you should certainly be saving your Neck item slot for an Amulet of Wisdom. (As I pointed out above, Amulet of Mighty Fists is not necessary. Even if it were, Wisdom would be more important.) You might even be able to afford a +4 instead of +2 by this point. (More PP is, arguably, even more important to a PsyWarrior than more Strength.)

Thrice Dead Cat
2009-09-10, 02:15 PM
What books do you have access to for this character? If you're only going to use claw attacks, I believe there is a magic item in Savage Species that functions as an Amulet of Mighty Fists, but only for one set of natural attacks. It's significantly cheaper, but I'm not sure by how much.

The full-plate might also be less than a good idea, depending on your dex score. Making it mithral is never a bad idea, though. If you feel like saving some money and blowing a feat instead, you could dip a level or two into monk and grab Tashalatora from one of the Eberron books (Races of, maybe?). It basically stacks monk and psychic warrior for most of the good monk class features and ML, I think.

2009-09-10, 02:16 PM
My stats would be
16 (23 w/the item&lvls)
16 (18 w/the stone)
So full plate is perfect for my Dex
So if I get rid of the ammy of mighty fists and stone, and get a ammy of +4 wis, what should i get with the leftover 16k?

2009-09-10, 02:18 PM
Say it after me:
Torc Of Power Preservation

Psy Wars are kinda starved for power points so that's doubly important for them. The XPH version obviously; the Magic Item Compendium is crap. Also, Manifester Arrows (magic Arrows with the Manifester-quality) are good - they cost 1/50th of what the equivalent weapons cost so they're actually affordable and an easy way to increase your PP reserve.

2009-09-10, 02:21 PM
Belt of Con +4? More health.
Con bonus fits belt slot according to DMG.

Cloak of Resistance +3? +3 saves are nice.

Agreed, buying some +1 manifester arrow can be useful. You don't shoot the arrow: instead you hold it (drawing ammo is free action), each 1/day adds +1 pp to use when manifeting.
If DM allowsw you to buy individual arrows instead of 50 at once.

2009-09-10, 02:51 PM
An item granting invisibility, levitation, flight, or teleportation would be useful in many situations, and would probably leave money left over for something to boost saves.