View Full Version : The wonderful world of Exalted! (2 ed.)

2009-09-10, 07:55 PM
Alright, so my gaming group has been moving towards playing more exalted than DnD. I am having issues with coming up with unique and powerful characters. Every time I come up with a character concept, I am somehow copying someone or missing some important part... like a motivation.... But on the other hand, when I spend so much time on building a character's personality and back story, I end up lacking in the efficiency department. I have only made solars and lunars. I am currently working on making an infernal. I have yet to dare even ponder an abyssal or sidereal, let alone a fairfolk.

Another nuance, is the fact that we have one player who usually dm's but is a player in this campaign and has a completely bogus character. Well the character is completely legal.... It just ruins the game especially since last time we met, I had to face this character and my Lunar who was completely hidden, disguised, and had many many health levels, was killed in one turn because the one character can flurry an umpteen amount of times and is just blerg... Anyways back to the point...

I need character ideas! Interesting is the only limit. Good, bad, does not matter. All help is appreciated. Any exalted stories are accepted as well, I'm always up for others adventures.:smallbiggrin: