View Full Version : Anyone know what the current situation is with Kobolds ate my Baby?!

2009-09-10, 08:45 PM

I have been a bit confused for around a year over the Kobolds ate my Baby! line.

Although I have never gotten to play it (sadly no one to run it for >.>), I simply love it. (Doesn't help it fits how I have played kobolds even before knowing KAMB!.)

Anyway, a while ago I saw a "pre-order" option for a new book "More things to Kill and Eat" for the current edition on amazon and half.com. So I was like: YES!!! :smallbiggrin:

However, eventually the release date passed and nothing. Then the image disappeared from Amazon.com. Now about (a year?) later I go to their website, and it says the books are out of print, and that they are "looking for a new home for the series" (something like that)?

I then went to Paizo and such to try getting an extra copy of the book and models, but half the models were either gone or on back-order (my guess never to be restocked again...), so I ordered two of each I could.

Is the series dead?

Will this pathetic kobolds addicted fellow ever get to play it? :smallfrown: