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2009-09-12, 08:11 PM
Ineffable Music of Creation
Celestial Circle Sorcery
Cost: 35m
Duration: One scene+

If legend is to be believed, this spell was first crafted by a Lunar sorceress enamored of the fantasies woven by the Fair Folk. As this spell is shaped, discordant noises fill the sorcererís surroundings, rising like an orchestra tuning. At casting, the sorcerer motions for silence and then makes the Sign of Raised Curtains, the mark by which intrigue and drama are set into motion.

For the duration of the scene, music accompanies all actions, and spoken words conform to lyrical meter. This effect cannot be resisted by mortals, but any Essence user may spend a point of Willpower to remove themselves from the effect of the spell for a number of actions equal to their Essence.

All targets that remain, either willingly or unwillingly, under the thrall of the spell may add their Essence in automatic successes to any Performance roll. This does not count as dice from Charms. Actions other than Performance instead suffer a -2 external penalty. Because of the unnatural magic at work, all social attacks are treated as unnatural mental influence.

The spell is a deeply cathartic experience, and everyone other than the sorcerer who endured the spell from beginning to end regains two points of temporary Willpower. The general tone of the music is dictated first by the tone of the scene and then by the nature of the sorcereróLunars tend towards pounding tribal rhythms, Sidereals breed complex and understated melodies, Solars provoke sweeping operatics, Abyssals tend towards dour cacophonies, and Infernals have no discernable commonality.

The caster may spend ten motes at the end of the scene in which this spell was cast in order to prolong it: there is generally a short grace period of a few moments where Creation returns to normal, but as soon as conflict begins again, the spell reasserts itself. The sorcerer may continue invoking this spell as they wish, and all other participants still regain Willpower after every scene.

2009-09-12, 09:22 PM
I'm a happy Invincible Maiden.

2009-09-12, 09:57 PM
It is said that the spell was made to aid one who was only going through the motions, and the creator would walk through the fire to save her.