View Full Version : Dark Tidings [Homemade System][In Pre-Alpha]

Alair Koraius
2009-09-14, 01:22 AM
HEy, all. I thought I'd make a thread for it, since it's owned so much of my life in this past week.

I'm developing a system, that I'm so far proud of (admittedly, not races, but I'll figure something out). I'm still working on a lot of it, but I figure a link wouldn't hurt, as I'm gonna need feedback and ideas when my well runs dry, anyhow. I know it's not perfect (or anywhere near complete), but just take a look, and maybe give some input, I'd love to hear what people think.

Also, there might be some things that I just haven't updated yet.

Anyhow, the link; Dark Tidings (http://sites.google.com/site/darktidingssys/home)!