View Full Version : In the Midst of a Sci-Fi RPG [Homebrew System][Looking for Input/Ideas]

Alair Koraius
2009-09-17, 06:03 PM
So, I've been spending the last week or so designing a system/setting (though admittedly I've been avoiding writing up the fluff, but I have a good idea of the general ideas behind it), for my very ow ngame idea, Dark Tidings.

What is it, you ask?

Greetings, private. Welcome to Dark Tidings, the Sci-Fi MMO that puts you in the cockpit of a Mecha custom-built for you, featuring 7 races, and near-limitless combinations due to a point-based character development. Join the ranks of your race's military, a player-run faction, or be a mercenary, only doing jobs if the price is right. With a expansive universe, unique player-run government, and the most interactive AI ever, Dark Tidings is a must-have for any gamer, hardcore and casual alike.

I know that there's a redundant factor of playing a game about playing a game, but bear with me here. Even without a .hack story, it's still an incredibly in-depth setting. You can obviously take out the MMO part pretty easily by just eliminating the references to the real world, which you could relate to being on an enforced RP server (without everyone saying "Amusing" all day long... Egad.) I'd like to think that this game doesn't allow "cht spk" or "txt tlk", though admittedly, I enjoy speaking h4x every once-in-a-while.

So, I suppose you might be wondering (assuming, of course, that you're reading this out of interest, and not because I'm tying you down to a chair and forcing you to. Sorry in advance, guys) what exactly needs input?

Well, it would be the system (http://sites.google.com/site/darktidingssys/home) which you can find here (http://sites.google.com/site/darktidingssys/home) (and on system.)

Please keep in mind that there is nothing on ANY of these pages that is a final, finished product. I'm sort of tossing number out there and waiting to be able to playtest until I find out how reasonable they are. (And with all the things I'm gonna be making, I'll need an armada of playtesters.) Also, aside form input on things that are already made, I'd also like to hear from you what you might like in such a game (it'll save you the homebrew work 10 years from now when you're playing it around a table with a fancy core rulebook in hand. >.>)

Also, the system is NOT meant to be a realistic over fun. It's aimed more for the Dramatic Space Epic, not realism.