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Hi all! I'm a long time player and I'm trying my hand at making some homebrew classes. This is based loosely on Black Mage from Nuklear Power, and I give full credit to Brian Clevanger for the idea. My friend and I cooked this bad boy up a while back, and we are hoping to get some feedback on the balance and fluff associated with it. Thanks in advance.

Black Mage

I didn’t sacrifice those seven orphans for FUN……Well, not entirely for fun.
-Black Mage! From www.nuklearpower.com

The Black Mage is a person that has chosen power above all else in his life stopping at no end to get ultimate power. The ones that chose this path are not satisfied with the power they already wield as an expert in the arcane arts. They need more; they crave it, and in doing so are shunned by almost all of society, save the few that are as corrupt and twisted as he.
The Black Mage has only one ability that stands out from the rest of their fellow mages: The Hadoken. This is the ultimate in destructive power that any one person could ever aspire to attain. A Black Mage will muster every single last ounce of raw arcane energy that they have and unleash it as a deadly beam of doom. Upon reaching its target it’s not uncommon that there is nothing left at the site of the blast. Towns, castles, and even forests are wiped clean from the planet, leaving just a smoldering crater in its wake.
The only comforting thought is that very few actually decide to pay the price of this ability. For just learning the secrets behind this technique are taxing to every aspect of ones being: mind, body, and wallet. Only the truly rich and mad sociopaths dare to attempt this, and only a select few succeed.

The path to becoming a black mage is not one many magi study. It is paved with darkness and evil, coupled with researching the seven gods that hold the secrets. In order to gain entrance to the class it is necessary for the Black Mage to find the Ritual of Contact, which is held by the denizens of the Abyss. These denizens may be summoned, but the research of their true names requires a month of intense study in a comprehensive library, such as one found in a land that does not outlaw the practice of dark arts. Once the research is completed the Black Mage must then summon the fiend per the normal summoning and binding rituals. Once the Black Mage has forced the ritual from the fiend he must undertake the more arduous task of performing the Ritual of Contact itself. This requires an exceptionally strong circle, costing 20000 gp. The ritual must be completed alone, without outside intervention. The ritual lasts 10 rounds, and the mage must make a will save DC 20 every round or take 1d4 permanent wisdom damage as his life is scrutinized to the least detail by Kibuka. This scrutinity is accomplished by Kibuka violently tearing the memories and soul from the candidate, this necessitates a DC 20 Fort save, or the participant will receive 5d6 damage. If the mage survives this ritual he is deemed worthy of the knowledge held by Kibuka and is allowed entrance into the ranks of Black Mages.

Kibuka: The keeper of the rituals needed to contact the other gods to attain the remaining portions of the ritual. The mage must find and perform the Ritual of Contact in order to prove their dedication to the cause. Once this has been performed the new Black Mage is given the knowledge of the other six gods and the rituals needed to contact them, as well as a brief description of the power they hold for the mage. The Black Mage may attempt to contact the other gods at any time, though weather they will dignify them with a response, or if they punish them for their insolence is a mystery until contact is actually made.

Gigerginzer: The god of the elements, contacting Gigerginzer unlocks the power of the elements for you hadoken. In order to acquire this power from Gigerginzer the Black Mage must perform a ritual involving the sacrifice of at least 7000 gp of gems. The ritual must be performed in an area with an elemental subtype.

Coatlicue: The goddess of the void, Coatlicue holds the most destructive technique for the hadoken: the power to completely destroy everything engulfed by the hadoken. In order to gain this secret of the hadoken the Black Mage must draw this circle in the remains of a creature native to the negative energy plane.

Huitzilopochtil: Once the god of the hells until displaced by other forces Huitzilopochtil is the god of death. Possessor of the wisdom needed to draw life force of those slain by the hadoken’s awesome might back to the world to serve the Black Mage for a time. In order to convince Huitzilopochtil of your worthiness you must draw the circle of binding in the blood of a creature of at least 2 challenge ratings above your level that you defeat in single combat.

Mictlan: The goddess of strength this being unlocks the more physical side of the hadoken. A hadoken modified by this god is imbued with supernatural strength, flinging opponents through the air if they survive the blast generated. To appease this deity the mage must appeal to its twisted sense of humor. The Black Mage must engage a creature at least two size categories larger than itself in a wrestling contest, which must last at least 4 rounds. Survival of the encounter is not required.

Dxui: The god of creation, Dxui holds the only secret of the hadoken that is not perpetually active. Dxui imbues the potent beam with a very different power, the power of life. When a hadoken is modified by Dxui’s influence the beam comes to life.

Eshu: The former goddess of eternity Eshu gave up those powers long ago and is now trying to sow normality throughout the planes. As a means to this end Eshu bestows the power of paralysis to those that contact him. There is no price for contacting Eshu, she is only too happy share the power in the hopes that its might shall snuff out some of the annoying change that plagues the multiverse.

Spellcasting: Must be able to cast 6th level spells.
Alignment: Must be evil
Special: Must have gleaned the ritual of contact from one of the elder fiends
Must contact Kibuka successfully

Class Skills
The Black Mage’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Decipher Script (Int), Knowledge (all skills, taken individually) (Int), Profession (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int).
Skills Points at Each Level : 2+Int Modifyer
Hit Dice: d4

Black Mage
{table=head]Level|Base Attack<br>Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Spells

+2|Hadoken 1d4|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+3|Contact|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+3|Hadoken 1d6|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+3|Hadoken Modification|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+4|Hadoken 1d8|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+5|Second Contact/ Hadoken Modification|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+5|Hadoken 1d10|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+5|Hadoken Modification|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+6|Hadoken 1d12|+1 level of existing spellcasting class

+7|Hadoken Modification/ Final Contact|+1 level of existing spellcasting class [/table]

Weapon/Armor Proficiencies: Black Mages gain no new weapon or armor proficiencies.

Spellcasting: The Black Mage gains spellcasting abilities as though he had gained a level of wizard.

Hadoken (Su)
The true power of the black mage is the hadoken. This is a devastating wave of force usable once per day, requiring a ranged touch attack. The Black Mage must have a direct line of sight to the target, for the hadoken strikes the first object of creature in its path. Similarly if the hadoken misses it will continue to the maximum distance allowed, striking anything in its path. The range of the hadoken is 35 feet plus 5 feet per Black Mage level. The damage of the hadoken is dependant on how much the Black Mage wishes to hold back. The hadoken does one die of the specified size per spell level placed into it. For example, if a 15th level Wizard/2nd level Black Mage were to use a hadoken powered by a 9th, a 7th and a 5th level spell the hadoken would do a total of 21d4.

Contact/Second Contact/Final Contact: At second level the Black Mage has attained enough esteem among the elder gods that one of them will deign to grant him their power. This occurs again at sixth level and again at tenth level. The second contact power will, at tenth level, have only primary and secondary powers. The final contact will have only primary powers.

Hadoken Modifications: As the black mage becomes more familiar with the hadoken he gains the ability to apply various modifications to it.

Ray Modification: The hadoken affects all creatures and objects that it passes through, including but not limited to walls, support beams, houses, etc. Objects in its path take one half of the maximum damage, and usually end up with a circular hole the size of the hadoken (approximately 2 feet in diameter) blown in it. The range of this ray is equal to half the normal range of the hadoken and decreases the die used for damage by one size. A ranged touch attack is required for each creature to be targeted.

Blast Modification: The hadoken is no longer a ray but an explosion of force manifested at a point chosen by the Black Mage. The range of this modification is twice the normal range of the hadoken for the point to be chosen but the blast generated will only effect a 20 foot sphere, tearing the shape of its crater from the ground beneath it. This modification reduces the die size used for damage by two sizes. This modification does not require a ranged touch attack.

Cone Modification: The hadoken is now a 40 foot cone of force, which extends out to half of the hadoken’s normal range. This attack does not require a ranged touch attack. Using this modification reduces the damage die size by 2.

Elemental Modification: The hadoken now deals a specific type of elemental damage, chosen at the time of use by the Black Mage. This modification does not reduce the die size used to determine damage.

Hadoken Barrage: The Black Mage has divided up the hadoken into smaller hadokens, which can be targeted at as many different targets as there are hadokens, or at the same target if the Black Mage decides. The hadoken may be divided into as small chunks as a single die per beam. Each beam requires a ranged touch attack against the creature it is targeting. The range for these smaller missiles is the same as the normal hadoken. Applying this modification reduces the die used for damage by one die size.

Hadoken Storm: When the Black Mage uses this modification the very sky above them is darkened by clouds the same color as the one they have chosen for their hadoken. These clouds rain down small hadokens from the sky. The Black Mage may call down up to his class level in hadokens each round as a standard action. The storm may only be called if the Black Mage puts at least 50 spell levels into it. The storm will rain down a number of bolts equal to the number of spell levels placed into it. These bolts will deal 2 of the die size 2 sizes smaller. For example if a 9th level Black Mage were to use this power the bolts would deal 2d8.

Hadoken Redux: This allows another use of the hadoken, which must be paid for separately.

Final Hadoken: This modification can only be used if the Black Mage dumps every single spell level that they have left into the hadoken. This modification has the same range as the original hadoken, but functions as the Ray Modification. In addition the Final Hadoken explodes dealing damage to all within 15’/ 2 Black Mage levels. Using this modification increases the damage die by one size.

Contact Powers: The powers granted by the various gods increase as the Black Mage gains levels, every other level after the first power is gained the powers known will increase. (i.e. At 2nd, 4th, and 6th )

Gigerginzer: Allows the Black Mage to select an elemental damage type when firing the hadoken. A hadoken modified by this power appears to be almost viscous, like a river of colored energy rather than the typical beam.

Primary: After the hadoken blast has cleared some of the energy remains in the form of a clinging good that continues to do damage. The goo will deal the die size used for the hadoken damage for rounds equal to one tenth the spell levels used in the hadoken.

Secondary: More of the goo now coats all survivors of the hadoken; this allows two different types of elemental damage to be dealt. The damage for each is the same as if they were alone.

Tertiary: The goo that remains now completely coats the victims. This will deal force damage equal to one die size larger than that used for the hadoken’s damage and will last for one third of the Black Mage’s level.

Coatlicue Allows the Black Mage to disintegrate anything that is caught in the blast radius on the Hadoken. Beings killed in this manner can only be raised through the casting of two wishes, one to gather the dust that remains and another to restore it to corporeal form, and a true resurrection.

Primary The hadoken can disintegrate any organic material caught in the blast that fails a Fortitude save DC 10+Black Mage level+primary casting attribute modifier.

Secondary The hadoken is the same as before but non-magical stone is now added to the list of things it can disintegrate. The DC increases to DC 12+Black Mage level+primary casting attribute modifier.

Tertiary The hadoken includes the previous two abilities in addition to the ability to disintegrate non-magical metals. The DC increases to DC 14+Black Mage level+primary casting attribute modifier.

Huitzilopochtil The hadoken now forces those killed by it to rise again in a terrible semblance of life and serve their murderer. The Black Mage may designate a number of the created undead equal to his Black Mage level, and they remain for a time equal to the Black Mage’s class level in hours.

Primary The hadoken has burned away all of the flesh from its victims. They rise again as skeletons with the same number of hit points as they previously had.

Secondary The hadoken has become more selective about the damage it deals, and leaves the majority of the body. These become reanimated as zombies, the zombies are unable to wield the weapons the held in life, though their armor remains, sans any shields. They have the same number of hit points as they did in life.

Tertiary The hadoken has now become the true embodiment of life force distilment. The hadoken blows the meat, so to speak, away from the souls and leaves them stranded and tied to the Black Mage. The souls have the same hit points that they did in life, and take on the incorporeal template.

Mictlan The hadoken is now a swirling vortex of energy that has the strength to throw those affected by it. If the creature is killed it automatically fails its opposed strength check.

Primary The vortexes inside the hadoken are just beginning to form, and the strength possessed by it is just beginning to form. The strength score possessed by the hadoken is 20+the Black Mage’s primary casting attribute modifier. If the being fails the strength check it is thrown a distance equal to the Black Mage’s level times 2 in feet.

Secondary The vortexes have increased in intensity and the strength of the swirling. The strength score is not 25+ the Black Mage’s primary casting attribute modifier, those failing the check are thrown a distance equal to the Black Mages level times 3 in feet.

Tertiary The vortexes have reached their peak strength. The strength score is now 30 the Black Mage’s primary casting attribute modifier. If the being fails the strength check it is thrown a distance equal to the Black Mage’s level times 4 in feet.

Dxui The hadoken now has the choice to assume a life of its own. When its power is unleashed it has the option of assuming a shape rather than detonating immediately. It instead assumes a large humanoid shape that grapples enemies of its creator, engulfing them in its depths. The creature is not subject to physical attacks and it merely absorbs spells cast at it, adding its to the damage to be dealt. The being uses the Black Mages base attack bonus as its own. Engulfed creatures may make an opposed grapple check at a -5 penalty each round to try to escape. The being may hold up to the Black Mages level within it.

Primary The being created is one size category larger than the Black Mage that created it. It has a strength score equal to 20+ the Black Mage’s primary casting attribute modifier+ the black mages level.

Secondary The being created is two size categories larger than the Black Mage that created it. The strength score is 30+ the Black Mage’s primary casting attribute modifier+ the black mages level.

Tertiary The being is now at its peak size. The strength is now 35+ the Black Mage’s primary casting attribute modifier+ the black mages level.

Eshu The hadoken now freezes its poor unfortunates in their last moments of life. The hadoken now has the power of petrification. Those killed by it are automatically petrified.

Primary The hadoken now has the power to freeze those it damages. The paralysis is only temporary, lasting for 2 rounds per Black Mage level. The save is a will save DC 20+ the Black Mage’s primary casting attribute modifier.

Secondary The hadoken’s freezing abilities are increased, totally petrifying the victims, converting their bodies into stone. The save DC is now 25+ the Black Mage’s primary casting attribute modifier.

Tertiary The hadoken’s petrifying powers are now truly formidable. The Black Mage may now select the material that those petrified into. The DC is increased to 30+ the Black Mage’s primary casting attribute modifier.

The Black Mage can be a devastating force in combat: unleashing a torrent of energy that can utterly destroy everything in their path, but at great personal cost. Black Mages often select a color to their hadoken, denoting that it is theirs and theirs alone. The Black Mage must travel with staunch allies, willing to participate with him as he destroys towns and anything else that gets in his way. These allies must also be ever ready to protect the Black Mage, as the hadoken often leaves them drained and without much power left for the day.

From miles away I could see the smoke coming from where my village should have been. I assumed that it was a house burning or some sort of picnic with a bonfire for cooking. Only upon my return did I find that it had been visited by one of THEM. She had leveled my entire world for some unfathomable reason. Killing everyone to the last child.
-Random Peasant
Daily Life: The daily life of a Black Mage is a constant struggle, knowing that they control the power to completely level anything that angers them. Knowing also that using this power excessively will cause them to be hunted, and in a weakened condition that will enable the hunters to kill them with ease.
Notables: Black Mages tend to try to avoid becoming too famous. People of the world do not usually take it well knowing that one person could destroy their village in a matter of seconds. However the mages that do get discovered go out with a bang, literally.
Organizations: Black Mages avoid gathering with others of their kind, seeing them as direct competition for their class. However many Black Mages will tutor others in the dark arts, seeking to expand the influence of the Elder Gods that granted them their powers.

NPC Reaction
NPCs tend to not have heard of this class, due to their secrecy and the fact that they do not differ in appearance from normal wizards. However if they have heard of this class, they will most likely seek to destroy the character, seeing it as a perversion of magic and all that is holy.

Black mages wield a single devastating attack that can completely level pretty much anything that stands in their path, but the cost is that they are then drained of many spells that would otherwise have been available. While this blast will probably make shorter work of boss fights, the minions of said boss will have a much easier time with the weakened mage.