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2009-09-18, 09:08 AM
I'm trying to decide how characters should act in a card battle game I dropped a while back, but recently got inspired to pick back up.

Characters are similar to Characters in UFS, as well as Pokemon in the CCG. They also borrow elements from creatures in Magic. Characters have their own hands (and hand sizes, possibly) and life totals. I'm trying to decide how they play cards in their hands.

At the beginning of each of your turns, you draw a card for each of your characters (thus, losing a character is detrimental to your card advantage, similar to losing a province in L5R). After you draw your cards, there is a step or phase for assignment. Cards are actually "asigned" (for the sake of triggering) at the end of the phase, simultaneously. So, you draw a card for each character, then assign cards from your hand to each character.

(The current "proper" way to represent cards in a character's hand is to place them face down under or next to the character who they belong to.)

Timing, Phases, and Combat are all sketchy right now, but are for all purposes irrelevant to knowing how spells are played (although timing rules are naturally important in the context of the game).

I'm considering having cards costs be paid for by discarding X cards from the character's hand (inspired by Race for the Galaxy). Perhaps characters of certain elements/alignments/aspects (whatever I decide to call them) have cost reductions for cards of their type. Using a character to play a card in most cases requires you to tap, commit, spin, and/or bow them.

How do you think cards should be played from characters?

The other payment method I thought of was similar to mana in Magic, only when you tap a character, they provide a certain amount of mana (wirtten on the character, a case-by-case thing).

Samurai Jill
2009-09-19, 03:33 PM
I'm afraid my in-depth knowledge of CCGs in general is pretty limited.