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2009-09-20, 12:01 PM
Is there any way that a wizard can get into this PrC in Core? From the looks of it, it would appear that you need to go Cleric or Mystic Theurge.

2009-09-20, 12:14 PM
Unless the requirements have changed, Sorcerers/Wizards do not possess Lesser Planar Ally, and I know of no way to make this easily accessible.

2009-09-20, 12:27 PM
A wizard could in theory cast wish or limited wish to gain access to Less Planar Ally, but that is not something a DM would allow as possessing Lesser Planar Ally.

2009-09-20, 12:29 PM
In core? Cleric levels or mystic theurge. Out of core? Domain access or arcane devotion.

Pharaoh's Fist
2009-09-20, 12:30 PM
Rainbow Servant 10

2009-09-20, 12:33 PM
On a side note, the Thaumaturgist pictured in the illustration looks a lot like my father. Which was, quite frankly, a little eerie. Umm, how are they power wise? How about flavour, have they ever struck someone as "Oh gods, I love the idea!"

Pharaoh's Fist
2009-09-20, 12:37 PM
It is a full caster level advancement class with minimal prerequisites and a few useful abilities.

2009-09-20, 12:41 PM
The primary (well, only) disadvantages of going Thaumaturgist over Cleric are the reduced hit die (d8 -> d4), the reduced BaB (3/4 -> 1/2), and the fact it doesn't advance Turn Undead (oh no, what would you possibly do without a big turning level when divine feats are flying around anyway?).

Also, it only really synergises with a summoner cleric, but you probably guessed that much from the flavour and the class features.

2009-09-20, 01:21 PM
They are very strong power wise, especially in core. Both planar cohort and contingent summoning are very strong and can potentially be broken (especially if you say that the level restriction on contingent spells does not apply here). Bonus feat and free extend are not bad at all, and Improved Ally is also very good if you use Planar Ally spells (and they can also be broken).

And the only thing that you effectively lose compared to normal cleric is 10hp.

2009-09-20, 01:36 PM
Shapechange into Planetar, gain your Cleric-spells, go to town. Only way I can think of in Core. That said, Wizard doesn't really need PrC help in Core, you already have Red Wizard, Archmage and Loremaster all of which are superb (and slightly less so in Arcane Trickster).

Indeed, I feel the best Core Wizard you can build is Wizard 5/Red Wizard 10/Loremaster 1/Archmage 4 (Loremaster for Use Magic Device; you'll get back the feat you spent to enter with the Secret).