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2009-09-22, 08:06 PM
I have an idea percolating in my head about a very specific base class for spellcasters, but even though i have created a few medium sized settings, i have never actually created a class from scratch so any ideas would be appreciated.

The class is a magic user that only deals with symbols, runes, languages, writings, etc.

I have a few ideas so far but would like some input.

If something like this exists, tell me.

Dragon Elite
2009-09-22, 09:25 PM
There's this (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=124882), but it might not fit the bill.

2009-09-22, 10:01 PM
... The Runethane from Arcana Unearthed?

Gets like a bajillion glyph-related spells.

2009-09-23, 05:26 AM
An easy way to make such a class would be to take some of the spells you feel fit and alter them to make them glyphs or runes, for instance, like a Fireball Spell, but set as a trap that only activates if foes step on a Glyph. Some with require a bit of re-working and tweeking (mostly with levels since some spells suit such a system, others won't). And naturally, spells like Erase and Explosing Runes are a must.

2009-09-23, 10:14 AM
i was looking for something more tricky (get your enemies to read texts of power etc.)

2009-09-23, 10:54 AM
We're going to need more from you than that. You've been very vague so far.

For instance, you could get what little you've described from your request by taking a Mage or Psion class and altering the visual signatures of everything so that it includes text floating in the air, then just limiting the spell list to enchantment and trap-like spells.

Maybe adding in some bits from the Geometer class from CA.

Or you could use Kellus' Truenaming variant with the proviso that you had to write things down: Truenaming

2009-09-24, 07:25 AM
If you have Races of Stone, check the Runecaster, a dwarf PrC. May not be exactly what you want, but may give you some ideas.
Basically, you "cast" spells into runes, and activates them, gaining some special effects (no arcane failure chance from armor, for example).
Also, check the Artificer for how his temporary "magic itens" works.