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2009-09-23, 03:16 PM
Corrupted Weapon:

A weapon with the corrupted template added to it is treated as being one-level lower than its actual level for the purpose of determining value and parcel distribution. When used, a Corrupted weapon is treated as being the magic item it imitates when it comes to dealing damage and it's uses. However, it has the Blunder keyword added to it. See below for explanation. The Corrupted Weapon template cannot be added to a non-magical weapon, or a weapon of level 1.

Blunder: A blunder weapon is one that can be hazardous to the wielder, and sometimes beneficial to the enemy. On a roll of a natural one, the wielder still automatically misses an attack with the weapon, but at the same time, the wielder also takes the added critical damage to the weapon. As well, if the weapon has an At-Will, Encounter, or Daily power, the ability activates in a reverse manner. If the ability would cause an effect that would deal additional damage, the wielder takes that damage instead. If the ability would cause a burst effect, the burst activates centered on the wielder. However, if the ability would cause a non-damaging effect, or a healing effect, it instead affects the enemy that would be targeted by the attack.

Below are two examples of corrupted weapons:

Corrupted Flameburst Bow +3
Level 12 Magic Item
Damage: 1d12
On Critical: +3d6 Fire damage
Enhancement: On attack and damage rolls

Power: Daily - Fire: Minor action. The next ranged basic attack you make with this weapon before the end of your turn becomes a burst 2 centered on the target. Use your normal attack bonus for the attack, but against Reflex. Instead of normal damage, each target takes 10 ongoing fire damage (save ends)

Blunder effects: The wielder takes 3d6 fire damage and create a burst 2 centered on the wielder. The wielder makes an attack against reflex against each target in the burst. Targets hit take 10 ongoing fire damage (save ends)

Corrupted Staff of Expansion +3:
Level 11 Magic Item
Item Slot: Off-hand
Enhancement: On attack and damage rolls.
Critical: +3d4 damage

Power - Daily: Minor action. Before the end of your next turn, the next close or area attack you make that has a burst area gains a 2 square increase to its burst.

Blunder Effects: The wielder takes 3d4 damage, and each target that would be hit by a close or area attack with a burst area gains a 2 square increase to their next close or area attack with a burst area.

While they may be above-average items, the risk they pose upon their wielder's force characters to make a choice on either a weaker and stable item, or a powerful, but twitchy item.

A Flameburst Bow, upon hitting a blunder, would appear to suddenly explode in a blast of flame, while a Staff of Expansion would send out energy rays that seem to invigorate the enemy (however, if the enemy has no burst or area attacks, then yay, you don't need to worry)

I'm thinking of potentially causing the Corrupted Template to lower a weapon's level by 2 instead of 1 - more power, easier to tempt players to use them.