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2009-09-23, 10:39 PM
What's the earliest level one can take Craft Construct? I'm not well versed in the magical feat chains or, perhaps more usefully, the magical prestige classes that might allow bonus feats, but is it anything shy of level 9? With Craft Wondrous Item at 3, Craft Magic Arms and Armor at 6 (caster level 5's nearest feat), Craft Construct would have to be 9 without some shortcut, right?

I'm not too worried about optimizing otherwise, it's not for a PC, but I'd like the foe to be someone the NPCs could fight without worrying about being half his level and without rule-0ing him being a crafter of constructs if at all possible.

Thanks in advance to all!

2009-09-23, 10:40 PM
You get a bonus feat at wizard level 5.

Also: Psychic Reformation is the easy and psionic version of the Chaos Shuffle.

2009-09-23, 10:42 PM
A wizard gets a bonus feat at level 5, so you could take craft construct at level 6. You only need caster level 5 for craft magic arms and armor, so you're fine.

EDIT: Ninja knight.

2009-09-23, 10:47 PM
I have a hide modifier of -absurd and I can still ninja!

2009-09-23, 11:04 PM
Thanks again! I've got a lot to learn about magical classes.

2009-09-23, 11:09 PM
Also: Psychic Reformation is the easy and psionic version of the Chaos Shuffle.
No, it isn't. With Psychic Reformation you still have to stay to choices that would be valid without it. It does not actually change the possibilities for a legal build, it only allows you to switch between two independently legal builds. With the Chaos Shuffle you can do silly things like change Martial Weapon Proficiency (Longsword) gained by being an elf to Quicken Spell.

2009-09-24, 02:03 AM
The best use I've seen for psychic reformation has nothing to do with feats: have a sorcerer duplicate it with Limited Wish to rewrite his top few levels of spells.

As for Craft Construct, you can get it that early, but watch out what you're trying to craft. Most interesting constructs have ridiculous prerequisite spells and caster levels that make it so you can't build them until they're completely useless. Effigy creatures are one of the only things you can craft reliably, since all you need is enough caster level for the hit dice you're making (which is easy, cause your cash is going to limit the hit dice more than your caster level). Good creatures to effigy include hydras, dragons, and anything else with 3 or more natural attacks and a lot of strength.

Even though you said it's for an NPC, in case any players are looking at this: I did some looking around a while back and it looks like at any given level crafting a construct (once you can actually do so) with CR equal to your level (might have been level -2 actually, but still relevant) costs about 1/3 of your wealth by level. This makes it a feasible option even if you're stuck with just an Effigy, the only problem is that you can't upgrade it or get your money back, so once you invest you're going to be using it for a while, and for heaven's sake don't use it for cannon fodder.

2009-09-24, 02:21 AM
NPCs don't pay for constructs.