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2009-09-24, 04:52 AM
Okay guys, had my first game of our new saga edition game last night. It is set int the Old Republic era on the side of the Sith Empire. I am playing a Sith Apprentice and the game log is mostly told as fiction through his eyes. It is set in the world of the up coming Star Wars: The Old Republic, an MMO that I am sure that those of you who ar intrested in will have already seen.

My first write up is massive, about 1.5k words so to save your eyes I will try and put it behind spoiler tags

:The inside of an Attack Ship, hurtling toward the Jedi temple:

Malachi Valant shuddered with anticipation, hungry for the moment that his sword would connect with Coruscantii flesh; For years he had been bred to hate everything that they had stood for and despise all that they held dear.
Catching a glimpse of his reflection in the steel across from him he saw his near perfect face, marred by the scar given to him in combat training, and he marveled at how calm he seemed to look on the outside.
His training was long and hard but it had all built up to this moment, admitedly he would not take part in the primary assault, but he and his squad would still take much of the glory this day. Valant's eyes focused on the gaps in his belt, gaps where he hoped many lightsabers would hang by the end of the battle, not least his own... He felt sure that if this battle was survived he would earn a saber and a master in the ways of the force.
The young warrior flicked his head back up, moving black hair out of his green eyes, begining to turn a sulphurous yellow with the taint of the darkside. As he was bringing his head back down again his eyes focused on his squadmate across from him. The orange Twi'lek from Nal Hutta - He did not yet know her name - Her family had been disgraced for aiding the rebel republic effort on her homeworld, so she was here to prove their loyalty. She was beautiful, even by Twi'lek standards and Valant felt that it might be worth the effort of getting to know her on a more - intimate - level.
Next to her was a face that Malachi knew better, Medic Salla Delvin, a human woman of a similar age to the sith warrior. She had been one of the trainees that stitched up his face two years ago, perhaps it was fate that brought them together for their first real mission. At any rate Valant was glad to have a talented medic with them for the coming battle. She was looking all business with her long blond hair tied up in a bun, polishing her rifle and checking her medical kit over and over again.
Turning to his right Valant looked at the mercanary that had been hired to take point. He had a small scuffle with the man entering in the ship. Aparently Valant had taken the man's seat. Valant jsut offered a cold smile and let the man take the place across from the medic, getting another glance at the man now he saw why he was setting his sights so low. He was nothing special to look at, a shaved head and a weatherbeaten face. He had a way of holding himself that suggested unconfidence... A sap, Valant had seen it all before. The only thing he wondered was why he had been hired.
Malachi Valant's musing was cut short as the ship shuddered to a landing, the seat holders sprung up and the men began to stand. At age nineteen Malachi Valant's training had ended... And his career as a Sith warrior had begun.

Out of his window the battle rages (http://www.swtor.com/media/trailers/deceived-cinematic-trailer)

Malachi stood sharply to attention as thee officer told them their mission, they were to strike into the heart of the temple and eliminate a Jedi and his apprentice. Their lightsabers were to be delivered to the officer in two hours; if the squad was not returned by then they would be assumed dead and left behind.

“Have no worries Sir,” Malachi confidently announced “I’ll get those lightsabers back to you and my squad home safe”

“Your Squad?” The officer seemed surprised “This mission will be under the command of Ms. Yana.” He gestured toward the orange Twi’lek. “You are to keep her alive apprentice is that clear,” a faint tone of amusement permeated his voice.

Malachi stood stunned as the officer walked away, he was only briefly aware of the Twi’lek speaking to them.

“Okay squad I am Tiena Yana, and I will be your C.O., be nice to me and we’ll all get along fine.” Her bubbly voice and childish manner told Valant that this was her first time in a combat situation, never mind on the field, for the life of him he could not figure out why he had been deprived of command

“Sala Delvin, Medic”

Had he upset someone at the academy

“Ross Flarerunner, Merc”

Had he injured someone’s precious child in training

“And you are?” he finally heard in his ear

“Malachi Valant...” He began to walk forward “Your replacement”

Encounter 1 – Into the Thick of it
They almost blundered upon the first group, but fortunately Sala was quicker acting than either of the padawans and she hit one of them right in the belly with a rifle shot.

The Jedi fell upon Sala and Malachi. The Sith mostly dodged the lightsabers that struck him but from the corner of his eye he could see that Delvin was not so lucky, taking almost as good as she gave.

Malachi saw the mercenary hesitate as he fired into the fray going on beside him and cursed his weakness. That kind of compassion could get them both killed the warrior thought as he saw the blaster fire miss its mark.

Two Republic soldiers fired past Malachi at Ross, but the gunman dodged both shots. The Mercenaries acrobatic display caught Malachi’s attention as he swung his sword. The distractions making the blade fly from his hand. Malachi cursed himself as the Twi’lek gunned down one of the troopers.

Sala pretended not to notice the blade land at her feet as she casually kicked it back to Malachi, firing her rifle into the Jedi once more. Ross ran forward and felled the remaining trooper under a hail of blaster fire, making Tiena snap around and point her blaster at the Jedi. Unfortunately she spins too quickly and the blaster shot falls wildly far of its mark.

Malachi knew that at this moment he had to prove himself to be more than a fool who could not even hold a sword. He dove to the floor to retrieve his blade, snapping it into his hands as the Jedi took a clumsy swing at him. The Sith drove the blade straight up through the apprentice Jedi, severing the top of his lightsaber as the result of a failed attempt at a block. As Malachi kicked the body off his sword the Medic beside him finished her opponent with another shot of her rifle.

Tiena holstered her blaster and smiled at the group.

“Well done squad, let’s move on.”

“Perhaps we should take a look at our wounded Sir.” Malachi snapped perhaps a little too quickly.

“I’ll be fine,” Sala breathed in sharply “Let’s go.”

Encounter 2 – Scanning... Intruders Part 1

Moving into the next hall Tiena stops the group.

“What’s that,” She asks, pointing to a flashing console on the wall.

Sala dashed over “It looks like it was damaged in the fight.”

“I’ll take a look,” Ross took a toolkit from his belt and began working on the console

“We’re wasting time,” Malachi complained watching the two work on the terminal

“Crap!” Sala shouted tapping buttons quickly “The computer says that training mode is begun, I can’t deactivate it.”

“Well do something!” The Twi’lek commander shouted

“I managed to set it to easy mode... here they come” As the medic pulled away from the terminal eight rifle carrying droids poured into the room.

As the robots began to move into tactical positions Ross managed to gun one down. Malachi reflected that he was probably an excellent shot when not worried about hitting allies.

The robots reached their destinations and all aimed their rifles at the Sith Warrior stood in the open, Malachi managed to dodge most of the shots, but one of them just grazed the same shoulder that had been hit by the Jedi’s lightsaber.

The women both managed to miss the droids, hitting their cover, as Malachi charged down one of the droids, crushing him under the sheer weight of his blade.

Another droid fell to Ross’ sharpshooting and Malachi felt himself becoming impressed. The Sith dodged another hail of rifle fire and struck down a droid foolish enough to get near enough to hit with a sword. Across the other end of the room he heard a blast hit the Twi’lek girl, and the gasp of pain that let them all know that she was still alive. Malachi tried to decide if the Command he would receive would be worth the punishment he would get if she died. The thought were banished as he heard her take a sharp breath and gun down the droid that had assailed her.

As Sala missed yet again Malachi charged down another droid, channelling the force as he moved, tearing into the droids at the back of the room. Malachi felt the Force pulse through him and he knew that he had touched the force deeply; he felt his spent power return to him as he pointed his blade at his enemies.

Just when it seemed that it was all over one of the unengaged droids pulsed forward and shot Ross hard into the shoulder. The Mercenary cursed as Tiena gunned down his shooter and Malachi clove through the droid in front of him.

Ross pointed his blaster rifle at the last droid, gunning him down and finishing the wave.

Encounter 3 – Scanning... Intruders Part 2

“We’ll have to fight this out to the end,” Sala announced “Unless any of you know aa Jedi Master that can shut it off!”

As she spoke another two droids, these ones larger and much more menacing entered from their durasteel crates. Ross hitched his rifle, working through the pain in his shoulder and hitting the droid right in the face plate. It still lumbered forward however, firing his own rifle back, the blast skimming the tanned scout.

The other droid blasted his rifle into the noble, stunning her yet again as Malachi called upon the force to increase his speed again, pulsing into the wounded droid and severing its torso from its legs.

Sala aimed her rifle and removed the other droids head with a single blast.

“That was easy,” Malachi commented nonchalantly as Tiena struggled to catch her breath.

Encounter 4 – Scanning... Intruders Part 3

“Last wave now” Sala said as the three droids moved out. A large droid pointed its rifle at Malachi and he dove out of the way. No shot ever came though as the rifle jammed and the droid stood trying to fix it.

Sala dove in front of the Twi’lek, firing as she went. Her shots were inaccurate though, missing all the targets as she landed. Tiena shot just before she landed, her blast taking out one of the smaller droids. At the same time Ross had fired, taking the other smaller droid down.

Yet again Malachi called upon the power of the force and thundered forward, his blade cleaving into the droid. The Large droid swung at the warrior, Malachi threw himself into the blow. As the droids heavy hands hit him, the sith’s blade hit home and the droid fell into two pieces onto the floor.

“We need to head back,” Sala motioned toward the Twi’lek girl, “She’s hurt.”

“If she dies, she dies” Malachi walked on, riding high on his last few victories.

So tha's the first session, things not looking too good for the Twi'lek noble, but she has FPs left should be finishing this game on friday so you will get the rest then, asuming you don't all hate it now.

:EDIT - All of my spoiler tag problems went away. Yay!