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meet shield
2009-09-25, 10:58 AM
Hi, anyone!
I would like to had some spice to my campaign with a reward (something particular) if they complete some side quests.

The situation in a not so short explanation:
Mine is a magicless world. I used the same stats as always (magic items for the players, no class restrictions ecc) but the flavor is: the humanoid in this world are normal. they can be great fighters, or warlords, or crafters, but they don't know or use magic. the magic user between the players use something like special ability.
In the first part of the adventure, making things short, they go around in this setting discovering really strange things, connected with Houshis and Mikos (wandering priests and priestess, that from twenty or so yeas started wandering around and telling people to believe, and use to have very strange ability, that most of them use to "do the good").
The mystery beyond is that the four draconic gods, once in a thousand years, play a strategic game using the world as a battlefield and they own creatures as pawns (one of them has the natural world, one has the immortals, one has the elemental-shadow-feywild creatures, and one has the undeads). the game is about to start.
In the last, the undeads created a more or less flawless strategy by themselves and sell it to their patron in exchange of revenge on the spirits, the favourite undeads, of wich the others were gelous. because of so, the undead dragon lost and the natural one wins, but now is about to start again.
the spirits felled on the world and now managed to enter a symbiosis with humanoid, giving them special abilities in order to survive.

Where are the players wandering:
-in an oriental nation, the incoming invaders with worse equipment suddenly started win thanks to the creation of a warrior whose soul is fixed with the one of a Red dragon, using a ritual teached by the dragons and that use the souls of the houshis as focus.
- in a northern campaign, one spirit has gone berserker and a population of goliath decided to create a tournament based on his slaying to decide the new leader of all the northern population that will lead them in these hard times.
-in a war nation, a conquering empire (the same one as above) is leaded by a cleric of a bloody god that managed o dominate the spirits within him, and by the sacrifice of he spirits' souls is raining death on the defenders.
-in a barbaric society, the drows rule the orc telling them the will of lolth (rearranged) and rule on the male, but there is the prophecy about a chosen (MALE) of the god that will have sex with her (pardon, I don't know a more polite way to tell this, please mercy) and generate a new races of orcs.

the PCs:
-the swordmage was born in the drow society, is a shapeshifter and has a brother: when he managed to be mature, they fought in the arena and his brother wins. But there was some sort of a miracle, they thought him was the chosen, and try to sacrifice him to lolth. He escaped. He doesnít know that then the drows female make the people believe that the other was the chosen in some way and use him to control the male drows (but the rebellion is starting, waiting for him to come and guide them)
-The artificerÖ I donít need to spoiler his background.
- the ranger-fighter has five ancient and powerfull spirits inside her. But she refused them, and they fought for control her body. One almost did it, and know she is half fighting for his body half trying to make them relax and divide the same body.
-the barbarian was a general of the conquering empire but was betrayed.

The artifact I need to put and where:
The artificer should become the Smith of Souls, by investigating on the sword and armor of the dragon warrior and discovering they are made of a spirit of pain and one of unluck imprisoned inside the object. If he free them, they will decide to help him in the future as a thank and create a unique powerful object (sword or armor, itís his choose) (the starting object , with imprisoned spirits, are a jagged greatsword+4 and a curseforged plate+4)

The barbarian should end up as the leader of the north. This way, heíll became the bringer of the Crimson Thunder, a greatword revered as mighty (and none knows that it has a spirit inside), symbol of his status.

The swordmage will discover in a challenge against his brother that inside him there is the spirit of the fate, that now acknowledge his greatness and give him his favour. This powers should be connected with a switch-of-fate sort of thing

The ranger-fighter should find the diary of the cleric and learn how to interact with her own spirits, gaining all their latent power until the day they will find a body for anyone.

The should be paragon level, but I donít know where to start. I would like something useful, because itís not sure they will gain them, it depends on their roleplaying and luck and intelligence, but I donít want to break the game either. Can someone please help me?