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Tetsubo 57
2009-09-27, 11:36 AM

2009-09-27, 12:46 PM
Wow. I'm surprised that would get that many kids going to it. Less surprised that all the campers are boys.

The New Bruceski
2009-09-27, 02:23 PM
I went to Mathcamp in 2000 at UWash, and at the same time they had a M:tG camp and a D&D camp. It was awesome, because there was a lot of overlap of interests so we'd be sitting in on the others. I also found my lucky D20 there, someone left it behind an a room, and it always pulls through for me.

The D&D group was divided up into small campaigns by level/interest (Serious RP, Silly RP (they got bottles of graffitti that released vagrant air elementals, for example), and so on) who ran different adventures all trying to collect gems that could be used to summon Bahamut. Then at the end of the camp they did a massive climax game with everyone in one room. There was (surprise surprise) one more gem than was needed, and the Mysterious Figure used it to summon Tiamat instead.

So you had a room full of D&D gamers of different levels/styles of play, fighting Tiamat, where each head was played by one of the councilors. Teams gave their actions to a rep, who gave them to the DMs, who would then figure out what the hell happened. I stopped watching before the end, but some high points I recall:

--All the paladins did a massive suicide charge.
--The Silly Group opened all their Bottles of Graffitti, covering everyone in spraypaint and allowing them bonuses to cover.
--One wizard levitated into the air and did fly-up comedy ("It's Tiamat, the five-assed dragon!"), attracting the wrath of all five heads the next round.

2009-09-27, 03:15 PM
That sounds amazing.

2009-09-27, 08:07 PM
looks awesome.