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2009-09-27, 10:56 PM
So, I loath the idea of having a character who purely runs with spellbooks, I've never played a wizard or a cleric or any of those classes before because of this. My spellcasters have always been on the spontaneous side of things.

Well, I found a prestige class in the Complete Mage called the Ultimate Magus, which is basically a class that levels up a sorcerer and a wizard at the same time, so I have both spellbook and spontaneous without losing a lot of spellcasting levels.

Anyways, I'm looking to set up feats and spells for this character, and I was curious to see what your thoughts are. Please note that I am coming into an already established campaign where most characters have managed to optimise to the point of being ridiculously powerful.

As of currently I have 7 feat slots, my character level is sorcerer 1 / wizard 3 / ultimage magus 9. My INT is 26 and my CHA is 23.

One of those feat slots is going to be improved initiative, and a sorcerer spell will be greater invisibility, as that'll be a helpful way to start combat, with me being a glass cannon and all. I can work from Complete Arcane, Tome of Magic, Complete Mage, PHB 1 & 2, and possibly other books that you might suggest (I would have to check)

So, what do you suggest I should do for feats and spells?

Keld Denar
2009-09-27, 11:14 PM
UM is a GREAT class. You are much better off using it to fully compliment your wizard casting though, as higher level spells > more spells. The way to do this is to nab Practiced Spellcaster (CArcane and CDivine) on your lower level side. That way when you only add 1 level, you are adding it to your wizard side. This is preferable, trust me. Also, consider specializing your wizard half. I'd highly suggest Conjourer banning Evocation and Enchantment. Conjouration ROCKS! and the other 2 are easily replacable. The only thing better than lots of spells per day is MOAR spells per day!

Also, consider using Beguiler (PHBII) as your spontaneous side. Its Int based (making you SAD), give tons of nice skills and trapfinding, and automatically knows all spells on its list.

A really important feat is Versatile Spellcaster from Races of the Dragon. It allows you to burn 2 lower level spell slots to cast a spell 1 level higher than them. This spell can come off either list, allowing you to cast low level Wizard spells with your Beguiler slots. Its that GOOD! Also, Metamagic. Lots of it! Split Ray and Empower Spell are awesome for debuffing, and you'll eventually want Quicken Spell (12th level or so).

Hope this helps!

2009-09-27, 11:38 PM
If you're really opposed to a spellbook, Eidetic Spellcaster from Dragon 357 is an ACF that swaps your familiar and scribe scroll feat in exchange for not needing a spellbook. You can still "scribe" spells into it using special incense instead of ink.

2009-09-28, 05:39 AM
If you're really opposed to a spellbook, Eidetic Spellcaster from Dragon 357 is an ACF that swaps your familiar and scribe scroll feat in exchange for not needing a spellbook. You can still "scribe" spells into it using special incense instead of ink.

Holy crap...that's pure win right there. To the OP, I just woke up, but in a little while I'll dig up my version of Doc Rock's Fred Astair. How would you like to be packing dual 9th level arcane spells? I knew you would ;) Oh yeah, and two means of applying metamagic, one for persisting (spelldancer), and one for on the fly tac-nukes (UM).

2009-09-28, 05:43 AM
If you really want to be book-independent... Cerebromancer is probably the best dual-progression bet.

Psion/Wizard or Wilder/Sorceror (use early entry method, if allowed), will allow you a nearly full strength psion-type, and a faily strong wizard type. With little book reliance.

Foryn Gilnith
2009-09-28, 05:50 AM
He listed cleric as a "spellbook" class, so I presume he refers to it as a metaphor. Sort of like how NWN clerics have a "spellbook" to represent their prepared spells.

If your goal is to have a hybrid class, go Ardent/Favored Soul/Psychic Theurge. Ardent is from Complete Psionic, http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/psm/20040925b shows the Psychic Theurge. If you need it in a book, go Sorcerer/Cerebremancer instead. Ardent+Practiced Manifester gives you all your highest-level powers, and you don't have to prepare any spells.

2009-09-28, 06:48 AM
If you are using Sorcerer for the Spontaneous side, don't forget to pick up Arcane Fusion!
Also, you might want to look in Races of the Dragon; it has two awesome Sorcerer-only spells called Wings of Cover and Wings of Flurry.

RotD also has the aforementioned Versatile Spellcaster that no spontaneous caster should be without, and Practical Metamagic if you can get the 'dragonblood' subtype somehow (Kobolds and Silverbrow Humans from Dragon Magic get it).

I don't know exactly what you imply when you state that "[...]other characters have most characters have managed to optimise to the point of being ridiculously powerful.", but, if you're interested, Kobold Sorcerers can be all kinds of overpowered.
RotD has the Dragonwrought feat that gives them the 'Dragon' type, meaning they can be venerable (+3 to all mental stats) at no penalty, which would alleviate the UM's MAD a little.
As True Dragons they also technically qualify for the Loredrake (Dragons of Eberron) which gives them +2 effective levels of Sorcerer for free.
Kobolds also have access to the Greater Draconic Rite of Passage (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20060420a), which gives them an additional level in Sorcerer.
So with enough Kobold cheese you can focus on the wizard side and still keep a respectable amount of Sorcerer casting.

Oh and Psion and Cerebremancer are here (http://www.d20srd.org/indexes/psionicRacesClassesSkillsSpells.htm) btw. So no books required for that one.

2009-09-28, 12:39 PM
Thanks for the suggestions thusfar, there's some I'm definitely taking already.

To clarify a bit, traditionally, I've traditionally hated the preparing spells concept; as such, this Ultimate Magus is a step into that direction for me, since it allows me to have my spontaneous spells too. I am doing the sorcerer / wizard combo for it, though I considered both the beguiler and the warmage. The reason for not choosing either of those was because I don't want to limit my options for spontaneous spells to what those classes have.

The race is high elf, which adds a +2 intellect, -2 strength bonus to the regular elf class.

As of currently I can cast up to 6th level Wizard Spells, and 4th level Sorcerer spells, once we level up I'll be able to 5th level sorcer spells.

2009-09-28, 12:44 PM
You should really go with Keld Denar's Beguiler/Wizard/Ultimate Magus build.

You can use 2 beguiler spells to spontaneously cast any wizard spell you know of a level higher than the two beguiler spells you used.

You also have only one stat to worry about: intelligence.

Beguiler will also give you a bunch of tasty skill points.