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2009-09-28, 10:24 PM
So, I was looking over the DFA the other day, and while I love the mechanics, I seriously hate dragons and draconic flavor. As I was mulling over the First Rule of Flavor ("Fluff as necessary or as awesome"), I came up with a good reskin for it... a Warforged DFA with flamethrower hands. Cool, right? Way cooler than "I LIKE DWAGONS SO MUCH I CAN BREATHE FIRE!" I got to thinking about what else we could do with this concept, and then it hit me:

Inspector Gadget.

We're already a weird quasi-robot, so that's covered. Most (not all, but most) of the good Invocations can be fluffed as Gadgetry, and if we've already established flamethrower hands, it's simple to say that the other effects are there as well. Take a look...

Aquatic Adaptation? Go Go Gadget scuba gear!
Breath of the Night? Go Go Gadget smoke bomb!
Scalding Gust? Go Go Gadget fan!
See the Unseen? Go Go Gadget radar (or, if you prefer, thermal vision)!
Draconic Flight? Go Go Gadget copter! (The important part isn't wings, it's flight. Remember, fluff as necessary or as awesome.)

A lot of the breath effects can be fluffed as GGG effects as well. I'm imagining Sonic Breath as a pair of speakers popping out and firing off a massive blast of feedback. Sickening Breath is obviously Go Go Gadget tear gas. A simple Hat of Disguise (a gray fedora, naturally) can make you look more human. INT isn't entirely necessary for a DFA, so we're good there.

What else are we missing, and/or what can we add? Certain otherwise good invocations aren't excellent choices here, unfortunately (I'm sorry, but the Inspector does not have Draconic Knowledge and probably doesn't have Frightful Presence.) What other critical aspects of the Inspector Gadget character are missing? Alternatively, what are some classy GGG re-skins for other good DFA effects or invocations? There's plenty I didn't mention, but it'd be nice to see another opinion.

2009-09-28, 10:36 PM
This is funny.

As for help with the build, see if you can get a rod of ropes (think that is what it is called) built into you. A grappleing hook might be that useful if you can fly though.