View Full Version : (3.5) Favored Soul questions

The Ogre
2009-10-02, 11:50 PM
What are some ideal feat choices for a melee-oriented human favored soul of Chronepsis (favored weapon is the scythe)? As of now, Power Attack and possibly Leadership are the only feats I can think of at the moment. Also, it isn't listed in Complete Divine, but what is the starting age for a FS?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

2009-10-03, 12:03 AM
Dragon Cohort would be rather appropriate if you can't swing Leadership.

2009-10-03, 12:07 AM
I'd probably say just use sorcerer starting age. I've never had a 3.X campaign where starting age actually mattered, beyond RP purposes.

2009-10-03, 12:25 AM
Extend Spell is always nice for making hour/level spells last all day at mid levels (and last two days at high levels), though you may want to get a rod for that instead if you don't plan on taking Persistent Spell. Divine Metamagic is a possibility, if you dip for Turn Undead somehow.

It also depends on what type of melee you want to do. With Righteous Might and other boosts, you can potentially trip or grapple very well
(and especially if you emulate Giant Size with Miracle later). Or, if you just want damage, the standard ubercharging line can work nicely (Shock Trooper, Leap Attack, dip for pounce, etc etc). Finally, if you're seriously out of ideas, one can never go wrong with Martial Study/Stance or Improved Toughness or even Extra Spell.