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2009-10-04, 05:13 PM
Hello, I'm just going to throw down my campaign idea.
My only problem is my best mate who is PCing in the game is the only real experienced player, so I don't want to throw them into the deep end with rules and such. But I have the plot set out, however I don't know how to get the party to meet together. I have a knack for making epic first sessions... and always find it hard to live upto the standard of it.:smalleek:

Well, this is our party set-up

Goliath Warblade (ECL decreased with stat busters etc.) (v. competitive nature in character, but generally an all 'round nice guy)
Killoren scout (typical hippy, but with a 'Leon' twist, assassin with a plant, got to love it.
Elf Paladin or (if he ever makes his mind up) Half elf shugenja (This guy will be the group leader... and village idiot)
Catfolk Ninja (ECL nerf) (He doesn't seem interested in D&D... prolly leave before we start the propper story... :smallfrown:)
Elf or human arcane caster of some sort. (she's fairly experienced in cthulu and stuff... I dunno how she'll play, probably evil though.)
They're all starting at level one and this is going to be going on for the next year or 2.

The city that the campaign starts in is currently going through political and social turmoil, the regent who is currently running a city instead of it's heir, a prince, angers the great wizard 'X' (Meaning I don't have a name for him yet) by declaring all arcane magic is banned within the confines of the city. The regents motive for this was to foremost kick the wizard out of town, but also have the wizard use his most destructive spell (earthqauke) and bring up tomb of the regents ancestor (more on that later). However, X is wise in his old age so didn't level the town, only cracked it into segments.
The players come in here, They watch a punch and judy esque puppet show about these heroes(*More on this later*) of myth that banished an evil war monarch to the after life. They get hired to exterminate all unwanted and potential sources of magic. They have a few scraps with thieves (generic D&D part XYZ) then the presence of these vigilantes comes into play- (These guys who are starting playing like to read DC/marvel comics) and they start investigating behind the scenes on the regents motives. The regents Daughter is one of these masked heroes, and she wants to know why her father has been acting strangley.
One thing leads to another and the players stumble into the tomb of the regent's ancestor and recover an artifact, a small clay whistle which is cursed... After escaping the horrors of the tomb, the players find themselves that they are now being hunted for the whistle relic (it's the key to releasing the regent's ancestor) But they think they're just being hunted because it's a magic item... Then, a large monument which stands in the centre of town suddenly tears open a portal... The Players are forced into the portal by demand of the regent, to discover as to what purpose it holds... alternatively, they can all hang.
Once they step into the portal, they're transported centuries into the past where they inhabit heroes of legend (*heroes from puppet show*) This would give the players to look at my world in a differant light, also to try differant character classes, also they discover the abilities of the whistle, but not what purpose it has. Meanwhile, as they do a dungeon as these heroes, these time travelling demons, sent by the regent's ancestor try to intervene... *Chronoshifters* (found them here, think they're pretty cool) They escape, wake up, and the players re-enter their old bodies. They crawl across the land looking for work however, they're not trusted, they encounter some of those that they threw out of town and fight them. Anyways they regent discovers they're alive and puts a bounty on their heads, his assassins are unsuccessful, and the players live.
Everntually they meet Wizard X and they talk with him, and they discover that one of the masked vigilante's was a conjuration of his, an aspect of him, in which he could discover what the mad regent wanted. He also tells the players that the prince, true heir to the throne is a wizard too! So they get sent of to find him and discover what happened to him. This part of the story will generally be major character background so the PCs can do things about their past/present/future etc. Also I plan to send them back in time a couple more times here.
Once they find the prince, they find out he's a badass prodigy and he teleports them back his home city in a bat of an eyelid... Then, the regent becomes infuriated by discovering the prince is back, along with the Players that he hoped were dead and uses a magical item he confiscated to animate, every inanimate object in the city (Nabbed this idea here :smallwink:) City descends into turmoil, anyways the regent gets hold of the clay whistle, the players discover it's purpose after they make a bargain with the regent. He manages to re-animate his ancestor king... who in turn thanks his descendant by killing him (had to be done, hehe). His daughter mourns his passing and reveals her vigilante identity.
Then the heroes that they travelled back in time to play as come into their present, and they tell the players that they defeated him in the past and inprisoned him, are there now to aid them (blah blah blah) anyway they have to find the evil ancestor's phasm (an object that contains his immortal soul) but they have to kill 4 horrors, after doing so, they have to defeat the warlord himself then cast his soul into the mana forge in which he created his costruct body and destroy him forever...
And thats about it.

My intial idea is to have the Players kick off in a prison, but I don't really like this idea because my immeadiate thought goes to Buldars Gate 2:SoA... and well... I don't want to rip off the first dungeon. :smallfrown:

So I just need a way to tie the players in together, small suggestions are great, such as locations and suggested motives I could nudge the players way...
Thanks for your time