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Archpaladin Zousha
2009-10-06, 08:02 PM
That D&D game I've been preparing for with my Clockwork Scholar character has finally happened, and all I can say is WOW. It managed to be everything I expected and nothing like I expected either.

The game started with an introductory bit for just my character, setting the stage and actually roleplaying his arrival in the future. The DM gave the other players the opportunity to play as his colleagues. Most of them would later became the gods of the world, like Boccob, Wee Jas and Corellon Larethian. There was talk of "Corellon's" genetically-engineered personal assistant GRUMSH going berserk and the doctor accidentally putting it's eye out, and a nanovirus that was causing mutations and homicidal rage called the ERYTH-NUL or some variation of that.

It turns out that the Clockwork Spirit (the god our previous characters had killed in the previous campaign) was rebelling against humanity, so one of the professors had created five special codes that, when entered into the consoles in the Large Hadron Collider, would disable the Clockwork Spirit's cognitive functions, but keep the automatic programs that kept society functioning active. Unfortunately, the Clockwork Spirit figured out what was going on after I entered my portion of the code, and sent a mini-black hole to stop us. The only way out was through the time vortex one of the other professors had been tinkering with to try and distract the spirit. I grabbed the doctor who would later be known as Corellon Larethian, and jumped in.

Somehow we got separated, the doctor eventually becoming the god Corellon Larethian and then dying as the elven people died off. I emerged in the jungles of what used to be Switzerland, and was eventually discovered by a halfling. The halfling, Owen by name, built a lean-to to shelter me, and then made for the nearest town, Freetown, to get a healer. After procuring a healer at the Troglodyte Temple, the local leader, Lord Ulfsark, also assigned a few other people to provide an escort, namely a changeling named Aerin and a shifter named Qui-Gon Jinn. I was heckled a bit by one of the characters from the last campaign, our kobold-werewolf sorceror who became a demigod. I got healed, and after some initial communication trouble, since English became the Undercommon language, I managed to communicate with the changeling in Elven, a language we both shared, though to her it sounded like I was speaking a very archaic version of it. When I told them I was a human, they brought me to the Scholomance, a school where they teach magic, in the hopes of getting some answers.

After some initial questioning, I recieved the offer to be trained as a Clockwork Scholar, which I accepted. The training took a full decade, but I was still better off than Owen the halfling, who had to spend twenty years in order to become a cleric. After that the game steered away from me and the people I'd met to some of the other PCs and how they got started. Eventually it culminated with us in the local bar fighting some small beholderkin. After that, I was in my chambers ruminating on the global warming and how to prevent it, and figured out that Mars had apparently been successfully terraformed. Now the orbital mirror that focused and redirected the sunlight is now heating up the planet. I confused the other members of the party with real-world physics lectures, which they dismissed as mad ravings, but I managed to get the point across that we needed to find some way to stop what they called "The Clockwork Skylight."

I figured that maybe the other four codes that we'd used to try and stop the Clockwork Spirit were still around somewhere. However, the facility I'd come from was now at the bottom of Lake Sunder. In order to get down there, we'd either need some sort of submarine (which the extinct gnomes once had) or we'd need to venture into the Underdark to find some sort of ruins there. This is complicated by the fact that hovering above Lake Sunder are the Gates of Horn and Ivory, which are the source of all positive and negative energy in the universe now that the planes have been trashed by the Clockwork Spirits demise and subsequent dissapearance of those gods whose main body of worshipers were made up of one of the extinct races. In order to protect these gates, the celestials and fiends that now rule the world have placed a magical leopleurodon there as a guard.

And also, we need to figure out what those beholderkin were doing there. They were likely spies for the BBEB (Big Bad Evil Beholder) who rules where France used to be, and if that's so, then there's gonna be war.

The question I have is, WHERE THE HELL DO I GO FROM HERE?! I don't know just how much the DM has latched on to my accidental sidequest of trying to stop the global warming, and I have no idea how I'd go about stopping it.

Also, we have a very interesting party makeup:

Me (Dr. Deucalion Castellanos), a horribly scarred human Clockwork Scholar
Owen, a halfling expert soon to be a cleric
Aerin, a changeling rogue
Qui-Gon Jinn, a shifter monk
A jannitouched halfling wizard
A ratman warlock
A halfling ninja
A halfling bard
Soon we'll have Niem, an elf barbarian who was the cohort of that kobold-werewolf sorcerer demigod in the last campaign.

How do I cope?!