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2009-10-07, 08:06 PM
Wild Rage
Rage 3/day

A barbarian or other class with rage may stack up to two rages for a single instant. This either doubles the benefits or the time, not both. This can cost either two, or three rages. For the cost of two rages, the barbarian is exhausted unless he has tireless rage, then he's only fatigued. For the cost of three, the barbarian is affected as normal by his rage.

Improved Wild Rage
Indomitable Will
Wild Rage

The barbarian may now stack more than two rages. Also, he can stack two rages as a doubling without any additional detriments. However, in order to gain the benefit of 3 stacked rages, the barbarian must use 4 rages and become exhausted, or fatigued if he has tireless rage. For 4 stacked rages, the barbarian must spend 6 rages and he falls unconscious, or becomes exhausted if he has tireless rage.

Heroic Sacrifice

Requirements/Benefits: Still toying around with this, but the idea is a feat that when the character is facing overwhelming odds, allows him to continue to fight for x amount of time even if he should be dead, but only if he has something to fight and die for, like buying time for friends or making the difference in an influential battle. There will also be addendums for barbarians and bards. Also toying with an offshoot called Bloodlust. Anyone who reads the Redwall series will get what I'm talking about.

Compound Longbow
So not sure about these stats either, but this (http://www.bowhuntingbasics.com/images/Parts_Bow-Compound.gif) is a Compound Bow.

2009-10-07, 08:16 PM
IRL, the main advantage a composite bow has over a recurve one is that once you've pulled the string back the it's much easier to hold it there until you want to release it. This is difficult to model in D&D. Maybe let PC's take an Aim action as a standard action to get a +2 to hit with their next attack with that bow on the designated target? That seems not very breakable to me.

2009-10-07, 10:41 PM
Compound bows SHOULD be covered under the d20 Modern rules, but not necessarily well...

One idea is that it gives 1.5 STR mod to damage since the hardest part to do is the last bit, not the first bit (is this correct?).

I would allow the +2 for a full-round action single-shot.

2010-03-11, 09:10 PM
Performing thread necromancy because I'm interested in this again.:smallwink:

Mostly in the feats.

2010-11-18, 05:29 PM
Performing thread necromancy because I'm interested in this again.:smallwink:

Mostly in the feats.

Both the feats look okay. A compound bow is generally done with a composite longbow, though you could say it is a masterwork one, like how a katana is a masterwork bastard sword (In the DMG, don't start with me fanboys!:smalltongue:)]

Heroic sacrifice might work similarly to Transcend Mortality

DR x/epic x= 2*level, max level 15
Spell Resistance 15+CL
Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire, and Sonic resistance 20
Immunity to ability damage, disease, energy drain, poison and death affects
No need to eat drink or breath

And you die after the duration is up.

2010-11-18, 10:07 PM
The Red Towel: Thread necromancy.