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2009-10-11, 12:14 AM
So my group has just started a new campaign. the premise:
half the group is evil, half is good. The evil team's goal is to destroy waterdeep and the human race and the good team opposes them. Essentially two parrelel campaigns. We are starting at 17th level, and are allowed to be overpowered, as long as its not too gamebreaking. We asre also using the tome of necromancy(ToN) by Frank and K. I am evil and my team consists of an evil druid/vermin lord (BoVD version, hivemind abuse), a sorcerer who turned himself into a white dragon somehow (the DM allowed it), and me. I was considering being a necromancer overlord. I have my own demiplane with genesis, and am speeding up time vastly. My cohort is a necropolitan wizard who makes undead armies to control, and uses an enslaved populace for bodies. I was thinking of cleric 7/lord of the damned 10. If you read ToN there are rules(see necromany with style and new rules) for manking pretty much ANY undead in the MM series and libris mortis. I am not too familiar with a lot of monsters so:

1)What are some good undead (I can control a TON because of general of undeath (from ghostwalk)) to use???

2)in addition, we are using katarl's awesome ultimate corpsecrafting rules, so i am reserving feats to use for that, so what are some feats other than corpsecrafting that I should consider???

2009-10-11, 11:29 AM
Great Rust wyrm zombies are great portable siege weapons.

they're only CR13 too, so if you can awaken them they're quite nasty.

If the good PCs are melee in the slightest, they'll lose any weapon +5 or lower that touches the dragon, and have to avoid atleast a DC mid-30's reflex to avoid losing al metal gear on their person :smallbiggrin:

Also, if you're charisma based caster (not read any of ToN) use magic jar to possess one, thus, if you're optimised into charisma, boosting the save DC for it into the stratosphere.

Boneyards, if sufficiently leveled up/evolved make excellent character killers, since it's only 2 successful grapple checks away from an instant kill.

Slaymates are a must for any meta-magician on the go, especially if you want a maximised, empowered, reaching shivering touch or whatever.

Angels of decay are nasty when they touch down and start doing continuous AOE damage.

Units of awakened skeletons, plenty of bows, plenty of arrows.
See heroes of battle for further info :smallwink:

If the good characters survive that, activate all the symbols of death you've drawn all over your body/house/lair/dragons/entire army.

2009-10-11, 04:48 PM
thanks man, that list is great!!!
where is rust wyrm? sounds really powerfull
any other sugestions???

2009-10-17, 01:40 PM
Great rust wyrms are in the draconomicon, also known as the Draconom-nom-nom-icon, because everything in there is so bloodily broken it may as well be a compound fracture.

Pyroclastic great wyrm zombies are good too, as their breath weapon (while less utilitarian) does great damage (even when halved) and their retained abilities as undead are very good too.

Also gives you light, rust proof armor with energy resistance with dragoncrafting, and dracolich brew, which kills dragons outright for the dracolich transformation.

2009-10-17, 02:00 PM
The Dracolich Brew, tragically, only auto-kills the one dragon for whom it was made, and it says it "is created specifically for a dragon who wishes to become a dracolich," which seems to imply you need consent and agreement before it downs it. Then again, I'd guess that wouldn't be the hugest obstacle for you.

2009-10-17, 05:26 PM
We just played the first session of this campaign, and the dragon masterminded the destruction of waterdeep, and we had an epic battle with an army of clerics. We lost terribly as one of the enemy PCs went cleric zilla and killed the dragon, and his paladin and cleric army beasted mine (mostly human and troll skeletons with good armor, greatswords, and a few spawns of kyuss)
Question is: Is there ANY way to stop the annoying clerics or can I somehow make my army immune to turning???

2009-10-17, 05:31 PM
As allways the solution is disposable minions, the most easy way to defend against turning attacks is to have enough lowlevel minions around to soak up the damage.

2009-10-19, 10:28 AM
Throw in a few turn resistance standards from heroes of battle.
Maybe throw in some death knights, whom are immune to turning.
A really harsh person would create 200 raven zombies with the destructive retribution corpse crafting, and have them mass on the cleric for a negative energy cluster bomb as they die to turning.
That many ravens will slaughter the entire good group if they're bunched togeather when the ravens start dying.

If you can, get the zombie rust wyrm to disolve the cleric's (presumably silver) holy symbol.
No more turning :smallbiggrin:.
Or you could just grab a skeleton archer contingent and drop an alchemical arrow salvo on him.
I believe it's a reflex save with enough archers, which clerics suck at (thank you heores of battle).
Of course, you could just plaster everything with symbols of death until he fails his save.:smallamused: