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2009-10-13, 11:21 AM
We are rounding off a campaign, so i need some spells that'll get me bang for my buck in a hurry.

Wizard 16
Focused Specialist Necromancer (banned enchantment, evocation and transmutation)

Collegiate wizard
scrib scroll
SF: Necromancy
GSF: Necromancy
Empower Spell
Split Ray
Arcane Thesis Enervation
Arcane Thesis ray of enfeeblement
Metamagic school focus: necromancy
maximise spell

my spellbook:
1 ray of enfeeblement
1 cause fear
1 backbiter (spc)
1 identify
1 alarm
1 mage armour
1 grease
1 endure elements
1 comprehend languages
1 disguise self
1 color spray
1 ventriloquism
1 feather fall
1 expeditious retreat
2 false life
2 ray of weakness (spc)
2 mirror image
2 see invisibility
2 stolen breath (spc)
2 protection from arows
2 invisibility
2 rope trick
3 ray of exhaustion
3 curse of impending blades, mass (spc)
3 dispel magic
3 phantom steed
3 non detection
3 protection from energy
3 greater mage armour (spc)
4 enervation
4 fear
4 animate dead
4 mirror image greater (spc)
4 invisibility greater
4 detect scrying
4 scrying
4 dimensional anchor
5 magic jar
5 spirit wall (spc)
5 private sanctum
5 wall of stone
5 night's caress (spc)
5 teleport
5 seeming
5 prying eyes
5 dimension jumper (complete mage)
5 dismissal
6 contagion mass (spc)
6 fleshshiver (spc)
6 dispel greater
6 true seeing
6 freezing fog (spc)
6 resistance superior
7 waves of exhaustion
7 avasculate (spc)
7 reverse gravity (spc)
7 stun ray (spc)
8 avasculate mass (spc)
8 blackfire (spc)
8 moment of prescience

i can add 4 spells to my lil book of doom. what should they be?

2009-10-13, 11:35 AM
I Recommend that you look at the High level categories , because , these are most likely what you want . If you can't find anything that is level 5+ that you like in the Spell Compendium , Perhaps you should make a custom spell that is based off a spell you really enjoyed in the past , make it what you want to a T , (Big Bang Effects , Cinematic Summoning , Re-Grouping Teleportation) ,and then present them to the Dm and ask if you can have these spells for your level up spells , and say that he can 'edit' them if they are not to his likeing -to get on his good side- :smallbiggrin: . If customizing spells aren't your cup of tea, Go for Spells that Utilize Fire , Lightning and Health Draining .

2009-10-13, 11:42 AM
horrid wilting
greater planar binding
greater arcane sight

Edit: Actually, greater planar binding isn't of any use to you unless someone else in the party can cast magic circle against x for you.

2009-10-13, 11:42 AM
Just taking a quick trip to www.d20srd.org:
Greater Teleport
Mass Invisibility

Mind Blank*
Prismatic Wall
Protection From Spells*

* Make sure you have enough spell slots for other spells first, then use extra slots for these. Cast outside of combat.

Sorry, none of the core necromancy spells seemed especially useful. But they may be situationally useful, along with other spells not listed, so take a look and decide for yourself. Btw, isn't reverse gravity a transmutation spell?

2009-10-14, 05:24 AM
potentially. i screwed up somewhat as i've only been playing the character for 2 levels, so ended up with both transmutation and abjuration spells in my spellbook. i thought i'd rectified it last session by dropping transmutation, to keep dispel magic primarily.

2009-10-14, 07:03 AM
From what i can remember, for a Neck-Romancer:
Veil of Undeath (are you already undead since you don't have this?)
Necrotic Skull Bomb (CoR)
Create [Greater] Undead
Vampiric Touch
Spectral Hand
Ghoul Glyph
Revive Undead (BoBL)
Finger of Death
Shivering Touch (I-C-O)
Steal Life (BoVD)

Summon Undead
Superior Invisibility
Anticipate Teleportation
Assay Spell Resistance
Energy Immunity
Spell Turning
Ray Deflection
Battlemagic Perception (HoB)
Shadow Evocation
Planar Binding
Magic Circle
Plane Shift

If you have to choose only 4, i would take
Veil of Undeath
Necrotic Skull Bomb
Assay Spell Resistance
maybe Finger of Death, since you have GSF