View Full Version : Best bang for your buck[SAGA]

2009-10-14, 04:42 PM
My saga character is about to go on a shopping expedition, and I started compiling a list of all the best stuff he can afford. I'm a droid so no weapons (though I'm thinking I can maybe justify a Sorosuub firelance?). I'm looking for good utility gear, vehicles, and cheap droids that I can buy to overcome some of my difficulties. What I have so far for cost effective buys includes:

Sorosuub firelance: 4d6 stun damage. Feel very iffy about it. Character doesn't like pulling triggers.

Pit Droid: Cheap. Portable. Comic relief to supplement my own.
Imperial City Maintenance Droid: Cheapest mechanic assistant ever.
H-Remotes: I could buy 5 of these, tweak the guns, and have a little swarm of stunning doom (5d4+10. My character has proven he's okay with violence if he doesn't have to do it himself, and if nobody dies it's a huge bonus.

Or I could buy some parts and build a custom guy, DIY style.

Air 2 swoop bike: fast, unarmed, and within budget if I get it used. Easy to maintain, too. Not much else is affordable.